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Chapter 1764: 1764
Chapter 1764: Need Not Worry about Money for the Entire Life

Given that everyone had parted on bad terms during the last class gathering, she thought that their friendship had soured, too .

Hence, when Jiang Li received her invitation card, she felt touched more so than surprise .

Immediately after, she carefully prepared a red packet with a four-figure sum for her . For ordinary folks like her, it was already a very decent amount .

Alas, when compared to the ones that Mu Yazhe’s guests prepared, it was definitely not worth mentioning!

Bluntly put, the costs of a ride on a private jet to the private island for a holiday far exceeded that bit of money!

She inevitably felt guilty about this at first, but when Xiao Xue learned of it, she dismissively said, “It’s your thoughts that matter! Do you think Shishi will care about money?”

Only then did she feel relieved .

Of course, she somewhat got a sense of propriety and knew that she needed to save face for her friend . Even though she was astounded by the splendor, she feigned calmness on the outside .

For the sake of attending the engagement ceremony, the two elderly Yuns wore particularly expensive suits, but when they boarded the jet, they still got a stifling feeling upon seeing the various prominent figures in the cabin .

That feeling was indescribable .

It could only be said that, with their status, they were ultimately of a different world from Mu Yazhe who was from the upper-class society .

As such, Yun Yecheng could not help feeling somewhat worried about his daughter!

Since ancient times, a well-matched marriage had always been the focus .

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Of course, it did not mean that the family backgrounds of the couple must be equal, but at least, it could not be worlds apart!

When one was an average citizen and the other was of the upper-class society, the disparity between the couple could not be summarized using just a few words!

It worried him that his daughter would inevitably suffer from grievances when she married into the Mu family .

Most of the rich and influential families would not like her background at all!

This was his biggest concern of all .

He eventually got so nervous that he secretly and tremulously brought his younger brother to the cabin that Xiang Yu and her daughters were in .

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Upon seeing her brother-in-law, the middle-aged woman hastily pulled him to the side . What came out of her mouth was: “Brother Cheng, this is so wrong of you! How can you keep it from us that your daughter has such a rich fiancé?!”

Her words rendered him speechless .

She could not resist probing . “What’s the background of Shishi’s fiancé? From what I see, he must be filthy rich to own a private jet!”

The man knitted his brows in distaste at her question .

“I don’t care about her fiancé’s background! I’m only concerned about his love for and how he treats my daughter; I’m unconcerned about the rest . ”

“That won’t do!” the woman disagreed . “He’ll be your son-in-law soon . If you don’t even know him well, what concern can you talk about?”

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With that, she made her assumptions . “I bet he’s no simple man! If he’s not a billionaire, how can he afford such a luxurious private jet? Your daughter is indeed capable! Now that she’s found you such a rich son-in-law, you won’t have to worry about money anymore!”

Her words could not hide the envy and jealousy she felt . She let out a sigh . “If only my daughters can be more like their cousin, I needn’t suffer pointlessly for the rest of my life, too!”