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Published at 7th of August 2020 10:40:21 PM
Chapter 1766

“Sigh… I’m just worried . Honestly speaking, most of my son-in-law’s guests are prominent figures! Even I don’t dare to open my mouth arbitrarily, lest I embarrass myself! That’s why I hope that you all can watch your mouths, too . ”

 Xiang Yu reluctantly acceded to his request, though she kept a particular thought to herself .

 Once her brother-in-law walked away, she immediately whispered to her daughter . “Did you hear that? The guests are all prominent figures! You girls had better grab this chance; you hear me?!”

 Despite Yun Qingmiao’s calm exterior, she was inwardly buzzing with excitement . She tightly held her mother’s hand, feeling like a nervous wreck .

 “Mom, does this mean that the guests are all rich and powerful people?”

 Her mother snorted in reply . “What do you think?! Most of them are wealthy and respectable people! Didn’t you hear your uncle? He said that most are prominent figures! Ha ha! Since your niece’s fiancé comes from such a good background and can afford to have several private jets, his guests are surely no average people . ”

 Feeling all pleased at what she had just heard, her heart brimmed with anticipation for the upcoming engagement ceremony .

 She was very eager to meet a man of high status just like her cousin-in-law .

 Not only was the man tall and handsome, he had power and influence as well, but more importantly, he had inexhaustible wealth .

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 It was perhaps because she had lived a tough life thus far and had never once enjoyed a day of good life . At a young age, she was already working endlessly at an electronics factory . Such a dry and dull life repeated daily throughout the years . Even after working twelve hours a day with only two days of leave in a month, she could only get a paltry salary of about 3,000 yuan .

 Initially, that bit of salary pretty much satisfied her . After all, 3,000 yuan was already considered as a decent income in the countryside .

 Without any comparison, she naturally felt nothing much of it other than her satisfaction with her status quo .

 When she followed her mother and stepped into this bustling metropolis, where lavish houses, expensive cars, high-end phones, luxurious goods, such as bags, lipsticks, and cosmetics, cost a lot of money… She was naturally very much tempted .

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 It suddenly dawned on her that her salary of 3,000 yuan was nothing at all when a monthly salary of tens of thousands might even be a tight budget for the life here in the capital .

 However, if she could marry a rich husband, it would be another matter altogether!

 Not only would she be able to drive an expensive car, stay in a villa, buy Hermès bags and high-quality cosmetics, she could also buy anything she liked at a thriving shopping mall without worry!

 She yearned for such a carefree life!

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 Hence, she could not be any more envious of her cousin!

 Still, it was important for one to know his or her limitations . She knew very well that her looks could not be compared to Yun Shishi’s, so it might be tough for her to meet such a fine man like Mu Yazhe . Thus, she had lowered expectations of the guy’s looks and height . It was enough if he had wealth, power, and the means to satisfy her material needs!

 Speaking of which, she had to thank her cousin for this opportunity!

 If not for the invitation to her engagement ceremony, she might not have such a chance to try her luck!

 Her younger sister did not share her thinking, though . Like a bewitched woman, Yun Qinli kept urging her mother to ask her cousin if her idol, Gu Xingze, would be attending this event .