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Chapter 1763

First and foremost, he had to consider the kind of guests his son-in-law would have . The mother-daughter trio might shoot their mouths off in front of those upper-class elites . It would be an absolute disgrace to their family .

 He really did not want them to spoil this important day for his daughter, but they were invited in the end .

 It would be difficult to explain the rationale for not inviting them to the engagement party when they were technically part of their family . Gossip would abound if others were to catch wind of this .

 It was Mu Yazhe who finally put down his foot .

 Inviting them along would not pose a problem . What he would do was segregate them from the important guests in another plane cabin . During the engagement party, he would arrange for them to sit far away .

 The man also knew that the three had loose tongues and were quite a handful, but not inviting them along would be showing lack of propriety on their part .

 Hence, he made this deliberate arrangement, instead .

 She had invited a few friends, including colleagues whom she shared a good relationship . As her bosom friend and future bridesmaid, Xiao Xue was definitely in the list . Jiang Li was also invited; only her best friend and this woman were invited by her among those former classmates .

 The rest were friends she was on good terms with .

 Her best friend was used to such grandeur and was rather calm and composed when she boarded the plane, but this could not be said for the other woman . The latter was thoroughly blown away to say the least!

 She would get on a plane whenever she traveled, but this was her first time boarding such a luxurious plane!

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 The solid wooden seats and the lavish interior of the cabin pointed to the aristocratic background of the jet owner . She was so self-conscious that she dared not even sit down!

 More importantly, the guests invited by the groom looked respectable and proper . She had even seen some of them appearing on foreign news . These people seemed to be bigshots with bodyguards protecting them from within a three-meter radius . No idle people were allowed near them .

 What was even more amazing was that an important politician, along with a few other politicians and members of a royal family, from a particular country was also invited . All were assigned to the VIP cabin; the politician even had a suite to himself .

 Yun Shishi’s guests and a few prominent business associates were arranged to sit in another cabin .

 Despite that, her former classmate could still feel the pressure mounting!

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 The guests within the cabin she was in were all prominent; she even knew their names!

 These people had made TV appearances and were even introduced in several financial magazines .

 One of them was apparently the president of a conglomerate and regularly appeared on Forbes lists .

 Sitting in their midst, she could feel the suffocating pressure weighing heavily on her . She felt that the need to put on pretense in her every action just to adapt fast to this grand occasion!

 Alas, when she tried to act elegant, it only made her feel even more out of place .

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 She knew she was worlds’ apart from these elites . This feeling made her feel so inadequate that she found herself unable to assimilate to this environment .

 The presence of a person who had reached the pinnacle was indeed different from a common folk like her!

 Moreover, these bigshots, who were from well-to-do families, looked especially noble .

 Rendered motionless, she suppressed her urge to burst out in excitement as she held onto Xiao Xue’s hand in jittery . She was not someone who was well exposed, and the only reason she was invited was her friendship with Yun Shishi back in university!

 As her classmate for four years, the actress was grateful for her care and concern then . As such, from their whole class, only she and Xiao Xue were invited along .

The woman was especially touched by this gesture .