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Published at 6th of August 2020 12:15:21 AM
Chapter 1760

A red Chinese-style gown was more festive .

 Unexpectedly, both shared the same insight on this point .

 The one they settled for was not a traditional dress, though, as it incorporated avant-garde elements, which made the piece look even stunning .

 It caught her eye at first glance .

 The man gave the manager a time limit . The engagement ceremony date was drawing closer, and this gown must be done as fast as possible .

 The manager promised repeatedly that they would ensure that the quality of the dress would remain superb as it was delivered before the engagement ceremony .

 Yun Shishi was also done sending out the last few invitations at this time . Of course, her aunt and older cousin received invitations, too .

 The invitation cards were exceptionally done . There was even a letter, and each was written personally by the fiancée in question, stating the time and location of the ceremony . It also mentioned that two nights prior to the ceremony, the fiancé would be using a private jet to send all the guests to the island venue .

 When Yun Qingmiao received the invitation and read the letter, she was dumbfounded .

 “Mom, exactly what is the identity of cousin’s fiancé? Why does he have his private jet?!”

 Yun Qinli was in disbelief, too . “Oh, gosh! I thought at first that cousin’s man is simply well-off, but it appears that he’s not just that . He has a private jet; he must have a very impressive background to afford something like that!”

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 In their eyes, only extremely wealthy people could afford a private jet .

 Unbeknown to them was that a total of five private jets was under the man’s name . Two of which were particularly lavish as they were meant for VIPs; both were used when discussing business matters and when he needed to pick up honored guests .

 For the engagement ceremony, one of these private jets would be used .

 The older of the two sisters was utterly jealous .

 A few days ago, she saw the trailer of ‘The Green Apple’ on TV . As she watched its promotional video, she thought that the female lead looked familiar but believed at first that it was just a lookalike!

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 Thereafter, that channel featured the movie’s production, with the director and the crew’s special participation, and even played its few behind-the-scenes cuts .

 When her cousin appeared for a scene with her name shown on screen, she finally admitted that her female relative was a big celebrity!

 She was not one to chase stars, but her younger sister especially loved to watch idol dramas . Naturally, like many young girls, she admired Gu Xingze .

 When she saw her cousin and the superstar sitting together happily as they were interviewed, she went into a frenzy .

 Her cousin was actually a celebrity!

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 That relative of hers even co-starred with the actor as main leads in a teen film! The producers for that movie were the best in the field of film-making!

 Not only that; when she searched for stuff related to her cousin, a few trending topics appeared . Astonishingly, one of them was that particularly popular reality show, ‘The Love Diary’!

 She stayed up the whole night and completed all three weeks of the show . She could not sleep well for three days after watching it .

 There was nothing but excitement bubbling in her!

 Excitement because she had never thought that a day would come when her beloved idol could almost be within her reach!

 Since her cousin and the actor had acted in a film together, this meant that they were colleagues . The two should have each other’s contact numbers, right?