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Chapter 1759: 1759

Each pattern was meant for a piece of dress . Once a customer selected that design, it would not be for sale again .

 In the high society, including the listers in showbiz, it was utterly embarrassing for one to see another person wearing the same outfit as theirs, be it while attending an important business cocktail, making a public appearance, walking the red carpet, or showing up at a screening .

 Having someone wearing the same attire was not the worst, though . What could be worse was that one person looked much better than the other in that same clothes .

 To avoid such an embarrassing situation, everyone would wish to have her outfit as the only one .

 Hence, it could be said that every gown from LOVER was unique and the only one in the world .

 Of course, with their topnotch services, the outfits tailored here were expectedly expensive .

 After taking measurements, Yun Shishi walked out of the fitting room and spotted her husband on the sofa flipping through a catalogue . She came over, sat next to him, and leaned over to look .

 He was looking through the design catalogues by some of the top designers in LOVER boutique .

 Some of which were only concept drawings of final designs while the rest had samples ready . Of course, these patterns were all different from what could be found online .

 Every concept drawing was carefully designed and sketched—rendered, soothed, and reconciled—with each detail showcased explicitly .

 The final product each piece was carefully crafted, including the design on the sleeves, collar, and waist . Even minute details were captured on image in high resolution for the customers to browse .

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 At the end of the catalogue was information on the materials used, with samples of fabric attached for customers to touch and choose .

 The man had a few of these catalogues stacked in front of him . She picked up one of these and furrowed her brows as she struggled to hold up the heavy album in her hands .

 “Have you seen anything you like?” She asked him as she flipped through the pages .

 Frowning, he shook his head .

 He was rather picky and paid attention even to miniscule details . Originally, he did not want to be involved in the gown selection process, but she wanted to wear something that he approved of .

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 In this case, he would need to be involved!

 From his arrival up to now, he had already sifted through three thick volumes of catalogues . There were only a few that he favored, but none was absolutely satisfactory .

 There were always a few details that he was unhappy about in those select handful .

 He was in no hurry, though . The two of them could continue to study the catalogues until they found something that were both to their liking!

 If there was absolutely nothing they wanted from the existing catalogues, he could get the designer to prepare more new design sketches .

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 Not too long after she took a seat, the manager led a few designers to welcome them .

 The bride-to-be was not proficient in gown selection; hence, the manager specially arranged for a handful of first-rate designers to guide her in choosing her gown’s style and design .

 Formal gowns might look simple at first glance, but several rules were needed to be observed . First, it must look elegant and beautiful on the person who would wear it; second, the materials used to produce it were important; third and last, the comfort when wearing it ought to be at the optimum level .

 Some gowns were designed and produced with inferior materials . Not only would it make for an ill-fit, the coarse material could cause an allergic reaction for any wearer with sensitive skin .

 As the designers flipped through the designs, they patiently explained each concept to the couple . The woman appeared lost at first, but soon, she managed to catch the nuances of these exquisite gowns!

 After some discussion, the couple decided on a design .

 She particularly favored a gown with an oriental theme . The one they chose had a new take on the traditional Han costume, where the collar, sleeves, and hem were adorned with su-embroidery . It was exceptionally beautiful .