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Published at 6th of August 2020 12:15:17 AM
Chapter 1761

She especially wanted to receive his autograph . If she had the chance and could meet the superstar through her cousin, it would be something she had never even dared to dream of!

 If she could use her cousin to enter showbiz, would she not be able to interact with her idol up close?

 She continued to daydream about it all day . She no longer had the desire to find a job as her heart was now set on finding a way to enter the entertainment industry .

 As for her older sister, the woman did not chase after stars, so her heart was filled with different thoughts .

 Her cousin’s fiancé was actually very affluent!

 Not only was he handsome and tall, his family background was also superior . How did her female relative manage to find such a good catch?!

 She would wake up laughing from her dreams if she had a boyfriend like that!

 These were none of their mother’s focus, meanwhile . The only thing she cared about was that since her niece was a celebrity and had such a rich fiancé, that meant that her family’s financial situation was extremely good .

 She began to calculate in her heart . If they could get hold of her niece’s family and borrow her relationship with her, would the next half of her life not be spent worry-free and in splendor?

 All in all, the trio had their ideas and ambitions .

 Yun Qinli gave her cousin a call and tried asking in a roundabout way how she could enter showbiz to become a starlet, too .

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 How could Yun Shishi not detect the implication behind her relative’s words?

 Alas, she was currently very busy with the engagement preparation and had no time to worry about her relative so she just gave a few perfunctory remarks in response .

The younger woman was not discouraged, though . She decided that she would bring up this matter to her cousin seriously after the latter’s engagement ceremony!

 She wanted to see if she could open a back door for herself and enter a production team for a small role through her cousin . Who knew? She might even shoot to fame overnight .

 No one could be certain about that!

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 Perhaps she may even become more famous than her cousin!

 She could not calm down from this wistful thinking of hers for a few days .

 Holding the engagement ceremony on an island was the decision Mu Yazhe had made after considering many things .

 There was a castle on the island for one . Once their relatives and friends arrived, lodging matters could be settled fast before their wedding reception, which would last for two days and two nights . There was also the private jet that could send them back and forth . Most importantly, his wife had always dreamed of having a wedding by the beach . Though she never stated this out loud, she did write about it in her diary .

 He had kept it in mind ever since he swept his eyes across her diary .

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 Even though it was just an engagement ceremony, it was still considered as fulfilling a dream of hers .

 Apart from hoping that the engagement ceremony would be grand, he also wished that it was done in a confidential setting .

 Their guests were not many, but they all had impressive origins and were extremely important figures . Having the ceremony on an island would not only ensure that they could be free from disturbance but also guaranteed everyone’s safety!

 If one must know, the guest list for their engagement ceremony included foreign politicians and even noble, as well as famous, individuals from several countries .

 Within a span of two weeks, the ceremony arrangements on the island were completed .

 The man had spent large manpower and energy on this .

 Like the bonfire dance his wife wanted and the big arbor, he had secretly prepared them all . The images of the location looked stunning with the incorporation of those exquisite decorations . He wished that this would be a perfect surprise for her!