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Chapter 1752: 1752

Lu Jinyu took over the call and explained the situation to the police officer . Once the latter realized who he was speaking to, he was more than happy to accommodate . “Eh! It’s no big deal . As she’s your friend, it’s much easier to resolve this matter now!”

 Actually, those few people were seasoned con-artists from the same gang .

 Snorting at vehicles worth a hundred to two hundred thousand yuan, the gang only had eyes for luxury cars .

 They believed that those who drove such expensive cars must be busy folks who had no desire to waste their time on needless matters . These people would rather use money to resolve any problems .

 Such rich people were easy to con . To them, a few tens of thousands of yuan was nothing .

 Thus far, they had not missed once after pulling the same trick on more than ten victims .

 They would normally start by standing near the road junction . When they saw an expensive car approaching, one would dash out the moment the car slowed down and pretend to be knocked down by it . They would then demand to be sent to the nearest hospital after claiming grave injuries .

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 When the car owner saw the fraudster rolling about on the ground in pain, even when he or she wanted to call the police, the priority was to send the fraudster to the hospital for assurance’s sake .

 The rest of the gang would pretend to be the victim’s family members . After a full-body checkup, they would ask for compensation .

 Most people would simply pay them off for ease of mind and time .

 Unfortunately, they met Lu Jinyu today . With him in control, they lost the game .

 She was really grateful for his help .

 After hanging up the call, he saw that her phone’s screen had cracks all over and suggested that they buy replacement at a nearby mall .

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 She politely refused .

 The man was adamant, though . “As this matter happened on my turf, I must bear all responsibilities! Sister-in-law, this is what I oughta do . Don’t be too polite with me, alright?”

 Realizing that it was pointless to refuse, she could only nod her head meekly .

 He drove her to the mall and asked her to wait in the car while he went in and got her a new phone . As a public figure, it would be inconvenient for her to appear at crowded places .

 Ten minutes later, he emerged with the latest Apple model in hand . After he helped insert her SIM into the new phone’s card slot, he transferred all her data from the old to the new .

 She smiled in gratitude . “Really thank you for your help today!”

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 “Sister-in-law, please don’t be so formal with me, or I’m gonna be upset!” He pretended to be annoyed .

 Finally, he got someone to drive her car back while he sent her home with his vehicle .

 Just as they reached her place, they bumped into Mu Yazhe .

 Just as the chairman stepped out of his car, he witnessed his buddy holding his wife’s hand as he helped her get out of his vehicle .

 The moment his gaze fell on his buddy’s hand on his wife’s, his eyes turned cold!

 Lu Jinyu turned around and saw his chief standing behind him . The latter’s eyes shot daggers at his hand holding his woman’s shoulder!

 He instinctively withdrew his hand as his lips twitched awkwardly .


 D*mn it!

 This is bad!

 What a bad coincidence!


 Has the chief misunderstood my intention? I’m not taking advantage of my sister-in-law!

 No—my chief, I’m innocent!