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Published at 2nd of August 2020 02:50:10 PM
Chapter 1751

He did something naughty once; he brought his chief to a bar to hunt for girls while concealing this purpose to the latter .

 The problem was, once the man was inside the bar, he only sat in his seat stiffly and drank his alcohol quietly . He had totally segregated himself from the wanton men and women in the dance pool .

 His cold and detached look was a stark contrast to the crowd’s self-gratified debauchery .

 His seat and the dance pool appeared to be from two different worlds .

 One was fiery with passion, whereas the other was cold and mute .

 Lu Jinyu wondered inwardly if his chief knew how to have fun!

 Coming to an environment such as this, the man was uneager to hunt for prey and, instead, preferred to sit in a corner with his alcohol like an old hand to all this .

 He was full of fire for his career, but why was he so disinterested in women?

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 Men would always have their biological needs for release, so why was his boss so unfeeling toward women?

 In retrospect, he did not see his brother-at-arms showing interest in another man as well!

 In fact, he once suspected the man to be suffering from asexual tendency .

 Of course, these thoughts only circulated in his mind . If Mu Yazhe found out what went on his head, he did not know what kind of ill-punishment his chief would dish out on him!

 He had even tried sending a few women with good and decent backgrounds his chief’s way, but all were heartlessly chased away by the man .

 After a few vain attempts, the young chap finally gave up; he reckoned that the man wanted to put his entire being on his career and did not have the time and energy for anything else .

 He had just found out recently that his chief was married .

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 This news was dropped like a bombshell, blasting off him cleanly .

 Hence, he was especially curious about Yun Shishi .

 “Sister-in-law, you’re different from what I imagined you to be!” He told her truthfully .

 “Different?” The woman was surprised . “Different in what way?”

 “I thought that his woman would be a rich missy—someone proud and regal, but you give me the feeling of…”

 “What kind of feeling?” She was rather curious about what he thought of her!

 “Er… Don’t be angry when I say this, okay?”

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 “I won’t be mad . ”

 He stifled a chuckle . “You look like a little bunny to me!”


 She was dumbstruck .

 Watching her dumb expression, he could not help bursting into laughter . “Ha ha! That expression is especially bunny-like!”

 She was tickled as well . “Why did you say that I look like one?”

 “You look gentle and frail—someone who can easily be blown away by a gust of wind; you look good to bully, too . Still, I’m not surprised that the chief likes you! You are the kind that easily arouses a man’s desire to protect!”

 Pausing for a while, he asked, “You two are getting engaged soon, and I am really happy for you both from the bottom of my heart! I trust his taste . Since he wants you, he’ll protect you for the rest of your life! I wish you both happiness . ”

 She smiled . “Thank you . ”

 The police called the actress to ask the reason for her delay; they wanted her down at the police station .

 Lu Jinyu took over the call and explained the situation to the police officer . Once the latter realized who he was speaking to, he was more than happy to accommodate . “Eh! It’s no big deal . As she’s your friend, it’s much easier to resolve this matter now!”

 Actually, those few people were seasoned con-artists from the same gang .