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Chapter 1753: 1753
Chapter 1753: Mu Yazhe’s Fury

As if his territory has been encroached upon, Mu Yazhe stared at him with cold, murderous eyes!

He felt greatly wronged!

For fear of Yun Shishi becoming unstable on her feet, with her wearing high heels and all, when she alighted from his huge George Patton, he kindly helped her out of it .

If he was mistaken to be taking advantage of his sister-in-law, he would surely be unable to clear his name!

The woman was startled to see the other man, too .

“You’re back . ”

“…Chief!” he cried out hesitantly, somewhat getting the urge to explain himself to the man . An explanation would only make him seem guilty of deceit, though!

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He did not know whether to laugh or cry at his predicament!

The man fixed his beady eyes on him . “What are you doing here?!”

His tone was filled with icicles, such that his subordinate shivered from the imagined coldness .

He pulled a long face and replied, “Sister-in-law encountered some trouble earlier, so I sent her back since it was on the way!”

“What happened?”

She swiftly explained it to her man, while Lu Jinyu blinked innocently at him in grievance .

It was only after the man heard the whole story that his darkened face faded a little .

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His buddy heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the color coming back to his face .

“Since she’s now back home, you can take your leave!”

The man stepped forward and pulled his woman into his embrace as he ruthlessly drove away his confidante .

A knife seemed to pierce the other’s heart . “Chief, are you chasing me away upon my arrival? Aren’t you even gonna ask me to stay for a drink?”

“We can drink anytime! We have all the time to do that next time . ” His tone was firm .

Hearing that, the other could only give up . He nodded in defeat and gave a helpless laugh . “Alright! I won’t stay any longer; I shall take my leave now!”

With that, he bid the woman goodbye and drove off in his car . Mu Yazhe carried her back home, and the moment he got past the door, he asked gravely, “Why didn’t you call me right away when such a thing happened to you?”

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Anger colored his voice as he interrogated her .

Even though the woman explained it to him in a calm manner, his heart still broke for her when he heard it .

How helpless this stupid, tiny woman must have felt surrounded by a crowd who brazenly accused and bullied her?!

She should have called him right away back then!

The knowledge that the man who settled the trouble for her at first notice was not him somewhat infuriated him!

When she saw the furious look on his face, she knew that he was worried about her safety; hence, she stammered, “I-I… must’ve been somewhat dazed back then . ”


The amused man questioned back, “Don’t you usually have a sharp tongue? Why is it that you’re always in a daze when getting bullied by outsiders?”

“Well, there were so many of them surrounding me! At that time, my mind was a complete blank, so how could I even think of calling you for help?!”

“Who else will you think of at the first sign of trouble if not me?!”

Her answer greatly displeased him . His head dipped as he grabbed her smooth chin and ordered, “Remember this: Even if the sky collapses, I’ll be here to support it for you . Knowing that my woman has been bullied outside, what do you want me to think?”