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Published at 1st of August 2020 10:40:11 PM
Chapter 1750: 1750
Chapter 1750: The woman chief has his eyes on…

If the actress were to know what this guy thought of her, she would very likely be at a loss for words!

His fixed stare only made her feel uneasy, so she gave him an awkward smile . “Mr . Lu, it seems that you’ve been staring at me for a while now . ”

“Mr . Lu?”

He was, again, amused by the way she called him . He could not help but teasingly say, “Sister-in-law, you don’t have to be so formal with me . Just call me Jinyu . ”



“But…” She tugged the corner of her lips in hesitation . “Isn’t that inappropriate?”

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“Why would it be? Just call me by my name . ‘Mr . Lu’ sounds very distant . ”

He picked up the cup of coffee and took a sip . His eyes, curved like two crescents, were clear and mesmerizing .

Unlike his earlier aloof and noble demeanor, he now appeared very friendly .

“I’ve been brothers with the chief for many years now . We’re considered as comrades who have gone through tough battles together! We have years of friendship, so there’s no need for you to be so civil with me . ”

She, therefore, dropped the formalities and smiled at him . “Alright!”

The man pursed his lips, and those smiling crescents remained focused on her face .

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Her hand instinctively reached out for her face as she wondered if there was anything strange stuck on it!

He knew that he had gone slightly too far with his constant staring at her when he noticed her action . Hence, he politely smiled and apologized, “I’m sorry, sister-in-law! I shouldn’t be staring at you like that . ”

“It’s fine . ”

“I don’t have any other intentions, though . I’m just curious what charms does the woman our chief has his eyes on have?”

Feeling stunned, she showed no reaction for a moment as she wondered about what he meant with his words .

He hastily explained himself, lest her imagination run wild . “Don’t be mistaken! My words may sound somewhat offending, but I don’t mean anything by it! Just that… Do you know that you’re my chief’s first and only woman? The moment I learned of his marriage, I was so shocked that my eyeballs almost popped out!”

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She chuckled silently behind her hand, amused by his interesting choice of words . “Surely, it’s not that exaggerated?”

“How should I explain it? In my impression, the chief is ambitious and vigorous with his iron-clad fist and extraordinary capabilities . There are many women eyeing him! I’m not exaggerating, but the number of ladies who want to get close to him is a long line from here to Paris! Alas, he’s also ever been cold and unfeeling, so he’s never come into contact with any other woman . ”

Lu Jinyu had always been very curious if his boss had any physical needs at all .

His impression of the chief remained on the level of a workaholic .

It was work, work, work . Other than that, he was always busy, too . Back when Shengyu Financial Group was just established, there was a year and a half where he practically spent his time flying all over the world . He was so busy that he had little time to rest .

Besides working, the man’s occasional hobby was probably hanging out with him and the others in their gang and spending time playing snooker, golf, or fencing .

This… from his chief’s lifestyle, he could not help wondering if the man had reached middle-age!

Being only twenty-eight, he behaved more like an old man as he totally lacked the vitality of a young man!

Alas, besides those aforementioned, he held little to no interest in recreational activities .