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Chapter 1746: 1746

After a pause, that woman started shouting at the top of her lungs again . “You’re a celebrity, huh! I’m warning you: If you don’t compensate us, I’ll expose this car accident to the media and tell them that you’re shirking off paying the victim’s medical expenses!”

 “Let me call the insurance company, alright? Even if you want compensation from me, you need to let me withdraw the money first!” Yun Shishi was so furious by their unreasonable action that she was on the verge of crying .

 One of the family members stepped forward . “Withdraw money? I think you just want to escape using that excuse! Don’t think that we don’t know what’s on your mind, you despicable and shameless woman!”

 Her eyes rimmed red with tears out of exasperation . No matter how hard she explained herself, these people just could not be reasoned with!

 On another end, Lu Jinyu found a huge crowd gathering outside the emergency room when he passed by .

 Standing amidst the crowd was a delicate-looking woman, with a flushed face, as she helplessly surveyed her surroundings .

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 This hospital was one of Shengyu Financial Group’s properties . Its poor management in the past resulted in the hospital’s low profitability, which in turn caused it to be bought over by their company . Under their management, it had recently become one of the capital’s leading medical centers .

 Besides doing a job inspection of the place, the main purpose of his visit here was that this hospital needed to import a large batch of medical equipment .

 He was just leaving the place when he chanced upon this crowd clamoring near the doorway to the emergency room . Hence, out of his curiosity, he went over to check out the situation .

 The moment he learned that a woman had hit someone with her car and wanted to slip away without compensating the victim, he felt the urge to burst into laughter!

 These days, where on earth would drivers not have commercial insurance?

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 In the capital, most car insurance premiums cost at least a million . If it was not a hit-and-run case, then it meant that the driver was willing to take responsibility . Once the driver followed the procedures of calling the police and reporting the accident to the insurance provider, the rest of the problem could be settled when both parties reached the hospital . How in the world did they conclude that she wanted to escape, then?

 He, therefore, squeezed through the crowd and cleared his throat loudly . “Please excuse me! May I ask what’s going on here?”

 As soon as his words dropped, that male family member of the victim acted all unreasonable by raising his voice in concord . “Who are you?! You have no right to meddle in our affairs here!”

 He gave the unreasonable guy a graceful smile in return, appearing like a polite and humble gentleman before the latter .

 “I’m the one in charge of this hospital . Many people gathering here will affect our hospital operation . Surely, I have the responsibility and obligation to come forward and understand the current situation?”

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 After a pause, he calmly questioned the man, “Now, may I ask if I have the right to ‘meddle’ in this matter?”

 That man swiftly corrected his attitude upon hearing that he was the one in charge here, but that flash of guilt on his face had been astutely captured by him already .

 Something seems to be fishy here!

 Logically speaking, since his family is the victim here, he should be bold and confident with justice on his side . What’s with that guilty look, then?

 Hence, he asked, “What’s the situation here?”

 His polite and outstanding demeanor, however, made the crowd fall hush at once .

 Even the family members of the victim became strangely quiet .

 Lu Jinyu took a gander at Yun Shishi . Seeing her rooted to the spot with her arms around her shoulders, it was clear that she had just gone through a tough time .

 His gaze then landed on her arms and found scratch marks all over her exposed skin .

 Her eyes seemed to be moist, too .