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Chapter 1747: 1747
Chapter 1747: Saved from Deep Waters and Scorching Fire

Why did she seem to be the victim, instead?

Hence, he gently asked, “Can you explain the situation to me, miss?”

Yun Shishi warily eyed him . However, upon hearing his gentle and polite tone, she dropped her guard down and slowly explained, “I hit someone on the road; I sent that person to this hospital and even paid for her medical bills . I also let her undergo a full-body examination . According to the report, she only has a minor concussion and some skin abrasions, which aren’t particularly serious, so I wanted to settle the case with a few thousand yuan of compensation . ”

“A minor concussion is exactly that—a minor one . It can also be caused with a slap to the face, so the patient just needs some recuperation time, and that’s all . As for the abrasions…” At this point, Lu Jinyu smiled . “In our hospital, 300 yuan at most is enough to treat such injuries . You’re already being very responsible for compensating them with several thousand yuan!”

Hearing him say that, the woman felt as though she had met her savior; her eyes instantly rimmed red . “The… victim’s family demanded compensation of 50,000 yuan from me, however . I found it ridiculous and started suspecting them of blackmail and extortion, so I told them that I will make a call to my car insurance company to have them settle this dispute in my stead . ”

He then asked, “Have you called the police?”

Upon hearing that, those few people suddenly started panicking and exchanging nervous looks with one another .

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They could not help but step forward and attempt to speak with him .

He politely stopped them, alas . “We’ll take turns in speaking, alright? When I asked about the situation earlier, you guys refused to speak up, so I don’t want to hear anything from you now . ”

She inwardly lamented, This man appears refined, but why does he talk so aggressively?

His friendly antics reeked of hypocritical intentions and authority .

Unaware of what was on her mind, the man turned to her and smilingly reminded, “You haven’t answered me . ”

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“I… I haven’t called the police yet . ”

“Silly girl, you should’ve reported it to the police immediately after the accident happened . ”

He then continued his questioning . “Did you call the insurance company, then?”

She guiltily answered, “I’ve had my driver’s license for a couple of years now, but in fact, it’s only been a month since I officially started driving, so I somewhat lost my sense of propriety upon encountering such a situation . ”

The man was amused . “Don’t you know that accidents on the road these days are sometimes not caused by the vehicles hitting people but, rather, by people hitting the cars?”

“What do you mean?”

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“You’re a silly girl, indeed . Quietly stand at the side first, alright?” He arched a brow at her .

His elegant and overbearing manner of speaking somehow reminded her of Mu Yazhe .

An inexplicable sense of security surged from within her .

She gave him a grateful smile in return and obediently kept mum .

The victim’s family at the scene comprised a dozen or so people . Even if they were to speak only a word each, their voices were enough to drown the woman’s; what more if they did not give her a chance to speak?

He approached them and asked, “Everyone, please settle down . May I propose a solution? Since the accident has already happened, in consideration for both parties and to preserve your dignity, please let this lady here make a call to her car insurance company and the police to have them settle this dispute . The police will then decide who’s the responsible side here and how much the compensation should be . What do you all think?”