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Published at 31st of July 2020 06:45:08 AM
Chapter 1745: 1745
Chapter 1745: Staged Crash (3)

The man seethed in rage as he pointed at her . “You’re planning to run after knocking someone over, aren’t you?!”



Why would she run away?!

The other family members began getting agitated as they clamored around the actress again, encircling her and keeping her caged in the middle . One pulled on her hand, while another went forward and snatched her purse .

One of the women intentionally spoke in a loud voice . “Trying to escape?! You’re trying to escape after knocking someone over, aren’t you?!”

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Yun Shishi was feeling extremely helpless now . “I…”

No matter how much she tried to explain herself, the others surrounded her and walked toward the hallway . Facing the onlookers from the side, they bellowed, “Hey! Quickly look! This woman, who knocked someone over, plans to run away without compensating the victim of the hospital fees! This is a hit-and-run case!”

“She wants to leave after running someone over with her car! Everyone, come here quickly and help us make a judgment!”

She explained, “I wasn’t trying to run away; I was just trying to make a call—”

“Calling someone for help?! You’re trying to call backups from the criminal world that we see on the news to come and bully well-behaved migrant workers like us, weren’t you?!”

The onlookers continued to increase with their shouting .

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Seeing that there was a commotion occurring, many patients, as well as their families, and those at the hospital for their checkups, began surrounding them to find out what was going on .

The kin of the actress’ victim seized this chance to share their grievances with these unrelated people .

“We came to the capital from Wu Yang to work . My sister, who works at a construction site, was knocked down by this woman when she was on her way home! She did a full-body checkup, and the results showed that her condition is quite serious, yet this woman doesn’t want to take responsibility for the accident and is even trying to escape by calling for backups! Isn’t this considered a hit-and-run case?!”

“Yeah! Our seven-person family’s circumstances aren’t that well . For the sake of supporting us and meeting our daily needs, my sister has to work cautiously and conscientiously at a construction site in exchange for some money! In the end, she’s met with this unfortunate accident . With her lying on a hospital bed now, our source of living has been cut! Can everyone please be the judge for us? We came to the capital to labor, yet my sister got knocked down by this car owner . Is it too much for us to have her compensate us of the losses incurred by our bread winner from this mishap?! Is it, or is it not?!”

The crowd chattered among themselves .

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The woman’s family was getting more sympathy over this situation from the onlookers . Relying on gossip passing around, they continued to brainwash these bystanders . Yun Shishi was heavily outnumbered . She felt trapped in a vortex, unable to explain herself .

She finally witnessed what it meant by the saying, ‘A summer insect can’t talk about ice . ’

In the next second, the public opinion changed .

Some of the bystanders began to point at her, too, as they fervently discussed this matter among themselves .

The actress could only hear buzzing sounds from her ears as if countless flies were making a din next to her eardrums .

From among the crowd, someone suddenly pointed at her and exclaimed, “Ah! I recognize who this woman is now! He he! That’s why I said she looks familiar! Turns out she’s a big celebrity!”

“I recognize her, too! She has filmed several commercials and even participated in a fashion show overseas!”

The victim’s family said, “So she’s a celebrity!”

The moment they learned that she was a celebrity, many people began taking out their phones to snap photos of her .

She covered her face with her sleeve, but her action only led to more people believing that she was feeling guilty!

When the family found out that she was a celebrity, they rushed forward and muddled in . They grabbed her hand to stop her from shielding her face . “Everyone, snap photos of her! It’s this face—it’s this person who hit our kin but tried to get away from making any compensation!”