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Published at 31st of July 2020 06:45:18 AM
Chapter 1744
Chapter 1744: Staged Crash (2)

Yun Shishi did not want to bicker with them further . It was not easy for these people to enter the city to work . Moreover, she coincidentally had about 10,000 yuan on her . Compensating them with such a sum should be more than enough .

Thus, she discussed it once more with them . “I don’t wanna haggle with you guys, too, about your 50,000-yuan compensation request, but I happen to only have 15,000 yuan on me right now . How about I give it all to you and we settle this with that?”

Hearing that, the family threw an enormous fit .

“You think yourself great just because you’re rich, don’t you?! D’you think you can insult us with that?! 15,000 yuan—f*ck*ng hell! Are you taking us for beggars?! That you can just get away with it by paying us only that much?! Dream on!”

“That’s right! We want 50,000 yuan—not a cent less!”

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She narrowed her eyes at them, but before she could speak, this handful next-of-kin began chirping away again .

“Not just the hospital bills . We want you to bear the costs of my sister’s medical treatment, including her labor losses, nutrient fees, and even her mental health rehabilitation! Do you know how much shock my sister received from this car accident? You’ll have to compensate us for everything, so we want a five-figure compensation from you, and not a cent should be missing . ”

She commented wryly, “Oh, I think I finally saw through you all . ”

“What do you mean?”

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“You guys are trying to extort money from me, aren’t you?”

When she posed that question, the crowd was stunned .

She continued, “From the way you all speak nonsense, I can tell that your education isn’t that high! Yes, I admit that it’s negligence on my part which caused this accident . I’ve already acknowledged my mistake and even covered the hospital expenses to take responsibility . The doctor said, though, that your relative only suffered a few abrasions, which should easily be settled using a few hundred yuan . Compensating you all with 15,000 yuan is already very charitable of me, so please don’t talk about high blood pressure and whatnot! Go and speak to the doctor and ask: Can knocking someone down cause blood pressure and sugar level to increase? Those illnesses aren’t external, yet you’re pushing the blame on me and making me take responsibility for it . Is there such a logic?”

One of the more temperamental men dashed forward and pointed a finger at her . “Is this slander?! Are you slandering us right now?! We just asked for some compensation, yet you’re accusing us of extorting money from you!”

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With that, he went forward and grabbed her hand . She shrugged his hand off in alarm .

“We can just talk! No need to get physical about this . ”

“Physical?! He he! Are you trying to frame us? We did try reasoning with you, didn’t we?! Unfortunately, you didn’t listen to us at all!”

The man was simply hot-tempered . With his brawny stature, Yun Shishi was slightly shocked by his agitated display of malevolence and cruelty .

She was getting a little impatient by then . “I wanted to settle this case privately in order not to deal with it longer than necessary, but since you guys are putting it this way, how about I have my car insurance company come over to settle it with you? I’ll call them now . Let’s see how they handle this; shall we?”

With that, she fished out her phone and walked to the side to give the car insurance company a call for aid in this matter .

Alas, just as she keyed in the company’s number, the man strode over and slapped her phone to the ground .

The actress was stunned . Looking at her phone on the ground, which now had a smashed screen, she let out a sharp burst of angry laughter . “What do you think you are doing?!”