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Published at 31st of July 2020 06:45:25 AM
Chapter 1742
Chapter 1742: You are too much .

“Hua Jin, don’t be sad… Things will get better!”

Just as she finished saying that—

She saw the idol breaking into a wicked grin .

“Ha ha! You fell for it; didn’t you?”

He pointed at her and teased as he saw her hurt expression . “You are so entertaining! I just cracked a joke and you took it for real! You’re truly gullible!”


Yun Shishi turned pale from fright . She was so furious that she started laughing . “You lied to me earlier?!”

“What do you mean that I lied?” He felt wronged . “I was just too bored, so I joked around with you . I didn’t know you’d take it for real! It’s so hilarious!”

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The woman was speechless from anger, and her expression had turned livid by then .

He carefully observed the look on her face . Seeing that she was genuinely furious, he began to feel flustered .

He bit his lower lip and pulled on her sleeve pitifully and helplessly, just like a child who had done something wrong . He pulled a long face and said, “Alright! I was wrong; I won’t joke around with you anymore . My earlier words were meant to fool you . Don’t take it for real, okay? Knowing that my good looks are an advantage here, I decided to make use of them fully by joining the industry . Apart from acting, there’s nowhere else I can go . ”

“I’m such an idiot . I can’t believe I took your b*llsh*t for real! Do you know that I truly believed your story and felt sorry for you earlier?! I can’t believe you were just lying to me!”

Exceptionally angry, the actress demanded, “Why did you lie to me?”

“That’s because I know that you’re truly kind . If you take pity on me, you’ll treat me well,” answered the idol as he smiled .


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What he received in response was an ice-cold slap, alas .

She did not use much strength, but it was an unconscious action brought by all the rage and embarrassment she felt .

The idol held his slightly sore cheek as he gaped at her; his eyes were then filled with helplessness and loss .


“Don’t call me by my first name! Who would take someone’s sympathy as a joke? You are too much!”

She was still unable to get a hold of her emotions as she scoffed . “You dare make use of someone’s sympathy to earn their pity? You take your jokes too far!”

Hua Jin grew increasingly helpless as he looked at her uneasily . He tried to make a grab for her sleeve . “I… I’m sorry! I’m in the wrong; I won’t kid around with you anymore!”

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She brushed his hand aside harshly and responded coldly, “Stop pestering me! I’m going to film my scene . ”

With that, the woman got up and threw the script at his chest as she turned to leave .

The man looked at her retreating back forlornly and bit his lower lip, looking as if he would cry at any minute .

By the time the actress and Lin Zhi’s joint scene was done, it was already two in the morning .

When she was leaving the set, the woman spotted the idol still sitting in the same spot as he looked at her with a face full of helplessness .

Even though he wanted to approach her and talk to her, he did not dare to do so .

She did not spare him another glance and left without a word to head home!

Hua Jin sat at where he was, feeling dumbfounded . He failed to regain his senses even after a moment .

‘You dare make use of someone’s sympathy to earn their pity? You take your jokes too far!’

Those angry words the woman uttered earlier rang in his ears .

He caressed his cheek and bit his lower lip . It seemed that he was about to cry .

Perhaps using sympathy as a way to get closer to someone one liked was indeed rather childish .

Maybe he was just stupid!