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Published at 31st of July 2020 06:45:22 AM
Chapter 1743
Chapter 1743: Staged Crash (1)

Perhaps using sympathy as a way to get closer to someone one liked was indeed rather childish .

He was a little slow-witted, alas . It seemed that, apart from it, he did not know what other ways there were to attract her attention .

The engagement ceremony was currently going through tight preparations .

Only about thirty people, relatives and friends alike, were invited from Mu Yazhe’s side . Most were important figures from Shengyu, and this included Lu Jinyu .

As for Yun Shishi’s side, there were even fewer people .

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The engagement ceremony was going to be held on an island . The man had specially prepared a beach ceremony for his woman, but this was all done in total secrecy, so she absolutely had no clue about it .

The invitation cards she had prepared were slowly being delivered, yet during the delivery of those, an incident occurred .

Probably due to tiredness from her series of filming the night before, she accidentally hit a pedestrian when she was driving .

The victim was a woman in her forties . When she was making a left turn, the woman suddenly dashed to the road inexplicably . The actress stepped on the brakes, but it had not been fast enough, so the middle-aged woman was knocked on the ground .

When she got down from her car, she could see the lady hugging her kneecap as she lay on the ground, shrieking piteously as if in total pain .

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Her first words when she saw the actress was that she would sue the actress for not paying attention to the road while driving before demanding to be taken to a hospital .

The latter had never come across such a situation before . Fearful that the woman had been injured seriously, which was the most crucial matter at the moment, she hurriedly sent her to the nearest hospital .

When they arrived there, the woman argued that she needed a full-body checkup . The artist naturally thought that saving someone’s life was of utmost importance; thus, she followed her to register and pay for her medical fees . After a few hours of waiting for the body-check report, all it said was that the woman had a slight cerebral concussion and some soft tissue injury .

Soon after, the woman’s family arrived at the hospital . Seeing that her injuries were not too serious, she requested to have a private conversation with them .

She thought that since the collision had not been that bad, she would just cover all the hospital bills and compensate them for the cost of lost labor and nutrition expenses .

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However, this woman’s family greedily requested for a five-figure recompense .

Yun Shishi was bewildered . Having not dealt with such a situation before, so she asked, “According to the medical report, her injury isn’t that serious . She just has some minor bruises and a slight head concussion . The doctor didn’t even request for her to stay at the hospital; why would you all need such a high compensation?”

The woman’s relative answered with conviction, “You clearly injured my sis more than that . Look at this… high blood pressure! High blood pressure! If not for you scaring her, would she have it now? D’you know how serious the consequences for that can be? If it’s high enough, she may get a stroke! If it’s a serious one, she could lose her life; do you know that?!”

“My uncle died from a stroke! If it weren’t for you, would my mother be in this situation?!”

The family members clamored around her with their vicious slurs as if they were interrogating someone who had committed an unforgivable crime .

The actress furrowed her eyebrows . She thought that this was just a simple disturbance which she could get away from after giving compensation .

She did not expect that she would encounter such a marvel!

She sized them up . These people were dressed ordinarily and appeared to be laborers from the province as they spoke with an accent .