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Chapter 1741
Chapter 1741: Hua Jin’s Background (3)

As a result, he started drinking and gambling regularly . Every time he lost money, he would drink until he was inebriated, and when he saw Hua Jin, it was like seeing that heartless mother of his son . Whenever he recalled how she had run away with another man while he was in prison, he would beat the boy with his leather belt to vent out his utter humiliation .

The young boy did not understand why his father would hit him every time he got drunk .

What was worse was that his father’s meager pay could no longer sustain his gambling habit . Hence, in Hua Jin’s memory, they were always moving from city to city to avoid being caught .

In the end, their creditor managed to track them, and his father heartlessly sold him off .

His father had deliberated about it for a while before eventually selling him off to a sugar daddy .

This person was rather influential and held some shares in an entertainment company . The artists in this company were top-class .

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Of course, he had his fun with them, be it men or women .

When that man saw Hua Jin, he quickly realized the potential in the good-looking youth after some grooming; in short, he was a profitable asset if put in showbiz!

The man stopped at this point .

Those unhappy memories needed to stop somewhere!

He did not want to continue for fear of instigating her disgust .

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He was afraid that she might find him dirty .

Up to this point, the woman was too astounded for words . She spoke in disbelief only after a long silence . “I don’t believe it! I refuse to believe that there’s such a father in this world . You’re his biological son; how could he do that to you?”

“There’s nothing strange in this big and wide world!”

He was unperturbed . From the start, he was calm and composed, as if what the story he had just narrated did not concern him .

“Anyway, that’s the past . I didn’t join this industry of my free will . ”

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After a pause, he laughed in self-jest . “Actually, I really dislike acting! I also don’t understand why some people like it . We have to follow a script for a character that’s totally different from who we are just to appeal to the audience . Can this really arouse a sense of superiority? What’s the difference between us and the artisans in the past? I don’t like the thought of displaying emotions to go along with what the audience wants . Even when I’m sad, I can’t show my real feelings . Isn’t it tiring to live in this manner?”

She thought about it for a while and replied nonchalantly, “To each his own!”

Loneliness filled his eyes as he wrapped his bent knees with his arms and rested his chin between his kneecaps . “Sometimes, I feel as sorry as a clown . Others may be used to my smile, but they can’t see the real feeling of loneliness inside me . Even though I feel like crying, I have to smile in order to make them smile . It’s so pathetic and so lonely . ”

She did a quick check and realized that he seemed to enjoy hugging himself in this way . From a psychological perspective, those who displayed such a sitting posture tended to be lonely and vulnerable . These people were especially sensitive and lacked a sense of security .

She leaned to one side and studied him . He was staring at the floor with glum eyes . Under his makeup, his fair and beautiful face shone with ethereal aura, which was fitting for a period drama .

He looked especially desolate at this moment .

Empathy rose in her and she could not help consoling him .

“Hua Jin, don’t be sad…”