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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:09 PM
Chapter 1734
Chapter 1734: Who can the chief’s wife be?

At this point in time, he could confidently say that, while the assets under his name could not match what the Mus had as of now, they were still sufficient to found his very own empire . For many years, he had spread his connections and multiplied his commercial network and assets .

Lu Jinyu was among those he had cultivated . This young man could be said to be his confidante; he trusted his efficiency and integrity . This was friendship built through the commercial bloodbaths they shared in the past years .

The reason he had called over his confidante was to discuss the impending marriage .

Since he made such a beautiful promise, he must make good of it!

His uncle told him that he could go ahead with the wedding but without the resources of his family .

Having agreed to it, he intended to keep his words!

The man replied with a smile, “Can’t I ask you out for a drink?”

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“Well, I’m overwhelmed by your attention!” retorted his confidante smilingly as he put down the wine glass in his hand, picked up a cue stick next to him, and stood before the pool table to study the game .

His eyes were glinting .

Lu Jinyu, a man in his twenties from a rich family, with his lanky frame and smart-looking face, could hold a candle to Mu Yazhe when it came to manner and charisma .

This chap might be young, seemed genteel with his refreshing and sunny aura, and could pass for a down-to-earth gentleman, but in reality, he was a ruthless man, much like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, through and through .

His capabilities were undeniable, and he had never failed before .

Mu Yazhe sat on the sofa and watched him stand by the pool table . As he bent over to take a shot at a ball, the man suddenly announced brashly, “I’m about to hold a wedding ceremony . ”

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The young man was so startled that the cue stick slipped and the ball plummeted off track to hit the edge of the table .

He turned around to face his boss, unable to conceal the shock on his face!

“Chief, I’m not prepared for this piece of news at all! Are you… truly about to do so?”


“Oh, my…” He slapped his forehead as he gave a dumb comment . “It’s too sudden—way too sudden! I’m not mentally prepared at all!”

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His boss snorted . “Why do you need to be mentally prepared for my marriage?!”

“That’s because I previously reckoned that you won’t be setting up a family within this decade!” His follower answered him truthfully before the guy expressed his curiosity . “I’m really curious, though; which woman is formidable enough to snag our chief’s iron-clad heart? I truly admire her!”

To him, his chief was a classic type of abstinence for rejecting intimate relationships of all sorts .

He had never seen any woman appearing next to the man since he had known him .

Many flocked to him but none roused his interest .

His chief was an ambitious entrepreneur and put all his heart, as well as mind, on his career blueprint . He had once questioned his boss’ sexual orientation inwardly and was slightly worried over the latter’s proclivities and predispositions!

“Still, I must say that I’m rather relieved to know that you have a woman now!”

He heaved a sigh of relief .

“What do you mean by that?!” asked the other with a frown .


He quickly denied any issues, knowing very well that if his chief learned that he had once doubted his sexual orientation, he would… end up in a very bad state!

“Chief, who’s that lady? How about introducing her to me next time?”

The man simply snorted . “That’s not necessary!”

His confidante could somewhat feel his boss’ wariness toward him .