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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:10 PM
Chapter 1733
Chapter 1733: Do not touch the family’s capital if you are that capable!

He was extremely confident and conceited . One could even say that he was being arrogant!

He believed in his ability, so he needed not use marriage as a way to strengthen his status!

Mu Linfeng did not look up to such a way of thinking at all .

He was nearly driven to madness by then .

The chap really did not know the rules regarding this .

“Are you so adamant on doing things your way?! Can’t you just listen to me for once?! For such a huge matter like marriage, which should be decided and match-made by parents, how could you treat it like child’s play?! Your parents aren’t around anymore, yet as your elder, you refused to listen to my advice!”

“Second uncle, you should be aware of who the family head is right now!” reminded his nephew coldly .

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He choked on his words .

“As the most powerful figure in the family, do I still need someone else’s guidance regarding the major events in my life, such as marriage? Your generation has passed; it is my generation now! No matter what I choose to do, you have no right to interfere at all!”

Mu Yazhe paused for a moment before continuing . “Alright! There’s no point in continuing this; it will all just be a waste of breath if you continue to speak . ”

His words were filled with mockery as he clearly had no intention of giving his uncle any face . The former no longer wanted to continue bickering with the latter, either!

The latter was so furious that he was ready to explode . He breathed heavily as if on the verge of hyperventilating . He was silent for a moment before he yelled, “Fine! You’re tough! You’re the toughest! You look down on my suggestion, clearly no longer regarding me with any importance! Heh! Just because you are the family’s head, it means that you have the right to be the wisest; is that so?! You sure are insolent now that you are at the top! Even at this moment, you no longer respect me! You really are not discriminating! If you are so capable, don’t touch our family’s capital when you manage your wedding affairs! Don’t touch a cent from the company’s accounts! I’ll see what you can achieve after leaving the family!”

With that, his uncle hung up the call in a huff .

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The young man threw his phone to the side nonchalantly .

When it came nighttime, he invited Lu Jinyu to meet, but instead of calling it an invitation, it would be more accurate to call it a summon .

The location was at a private clubhouse .

By the time his subordinate arrived, he had already scored a shot at the billiard hall . Seeing that his man was present, he placed the billiard stick down and raised his head . “You’re here!”

“Since the chief has called for me, I must make sure not to be late no matter what!”

The new arrival took off his jacket just as the waiter brought alcohol over . He picked up a glass of red wine and took a sip before breaking into a comfortable smile .

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“Chief, did you call me here today for another important matter?”

This subordinate, who had just addressed him as ‘chief’, was an influential figure . He was also a close friend of his for many years now .

Their bond may be even closer than just friends .

Apart from his family, the man had laid many connections and secretly cultivated his influence . Thus, besides his property at the Mus, he also owned assets under his name .

It was just as he said . Even if he departed from his family, he would not be left with nothing!

As for his family who would be jettisoned by him, they would surely be in ruins!

While his uncle had indeed polished him to be the successor, the Mu family’s current foundation was all due to his guidance and hard work .

The young man was no fool, though . He would not sacrifice himself to grow his family’s business!

He had seen through the way society worked . He was determined not to be bound by his family for his entire life, so he had begun a tight preparation for setting up his industrial territory a few years ago!