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Chapter 1735
Chapter 1735: Chapter 1735 Preparing for the Wedding of the Century

His little, fragile heart could not help feeling hurt!

“Chief, you’re being petty here! As your sworn brother, of course I hope to have a chance to meet my sister-in-law! Besides, I really look up to her and want to see the lady who managed to tame my cold-hearted boss!”

“Well, the chance will be there soon! Our engagement ceremony is coming up, and you’ll get to see her in person!”

The man’s lips could not resist curling into a warm smile at the mention of Yun Shishi .

This unconscious move was something that his sworn brother had never seen before .

Taking all these in, Lu Jinyu just had to mumble beneath his breath, “I really didn’t expect to see the day when chief is in love!”

As a bachelor, he could not help being sour grapes at the moment .

He felt he had been savagely dug at!

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“I called you specially to discuss the wedding preparation . I’m no good at such things, after all, so I want to seek your opinion!”

His confidante broke out in a cold sweat . “Chief, I’m no good at that, either . I’m not married yet; in fact, I don’t even have a girlfriend . ”

He mulled on it for a while before muttering, “Well, according to customary wedding, the couple must get a new house as their matrimony home for a start . Next is to add a decent wedding car, followed by a grand wedding . I guess a wedding process is like this, right?”

The man was dumbstruck . “I’m not asking for your opinion in that regard!”

Now, it was his turn to look lost . “Then…”

“I like to have a grand ceremony!”

This was something his buddy agreed naturally!

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“Of course; that goes without saying! Chief’s wedding must indubitably be extravagant!”

The man added, “If I want to have a grand wedding, I will need money, but I don’t wish to touch any of the Mu’s assets!”

This was his primary consideration .

He gave a promise to his woman that he would hold a wedding of the century for her!

He ought to fulfill that promise at least as a show of his sincerity .

For that to happen, he would need money!

His uncle said that he could have his wedding, provided that no family accounts were dispatched or money was wired . This meant that he could not touch his sizable assets under the Mu Group .

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After all, his uncle had already forewarned him, and he had readily agreed to his terms . Since he gave his words, there was no way he would go against the agreement!

When he said that he would not touch the money, he would do exactly that .

His uncle was just waiting for a chance to mock him!

The old man reckoned that, without his family’s support, his nephew did not have the means to hold an earth-shattering wedding . The former was pretty sure that the latter would be incapable of coming up with a large sum by himself, unless he raised the fund using his family assets .

By then, he could laugh at the young man for not keeping to his proud promise .

This would undoubtedly put a damper on the latter .

Alas, what he did not know was that his nephew had long been secretly building his empire outside the Mu family’s sphere of influence and had even amassed quite an asset chain by himself .

The latter had enough personal assets to play around with .

The problem was that the young chap’s personal assets were all invested in the industrial chain and were constantly circulating as funds for various projects . If he were to pull out a significant amount at once, it would hurt his portfolio to some extent .

It was unnecessary to put a dent on his many years of hard work for a wedding .

Hence, he called his confidante to discuss this matter . He wanted to know how long he would need to transfer out this sum from his finances without detriment .

Lu Jinyu had much more experience in this aspect .