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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:16 PM
Chapter 1730
Chapter 1730: Tarnishing reputation!

The elderly man did not beat around the bush . “I heard that you have registered your marriage with that woman?! It’s such a huge matter; you should at least let me know beforehand!”

The middle-aged man was quick to learn about it as expected—hence, the irate interrogation over the phone .

His nephew, however, merely laughed . “Second uncle, why should I inform you anything beforehand? My marriage is my personal affair, and I don’t need to inform you about it, do I? Besides, you needn’t make a big fuss about it as it’s not a wedding per se!”

“So you just went ahead and registered your marriage with that woman?! You should inform me about it at least!” The older man was furious over his nephew’s unconcerned tone and felt that he was being neglected by him!

“Would you give your consent if I did? You’re bound to oppose it, anyway, so I see no need in doing that!”

After a pause, the young chap solemnly added, “Plus, that ‘woman’ second uncle is referring to is now my legal wife . She has her name . Out of respect for her, I think it’s inappropriate for you to call her with such a derogatory term!”

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He snorted angrily at that . “An indecent woman with an unknown background deserves no respect from me!”

The young man’s lips curled up . He had long expected such a reaction and attitude from his uncle, so he was not angry about it .

Yun Shishi was his wife; he was unconcerned about what others thought of it!

She had his approval, and that was enough!

Besides, his marriage was his personal affair—others had no right to butt into it .

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“Yazhe, you’ve gone overboard here! It’s absurd of you to register your marriage without saying a word! What will others say of you if the news reaches the rest of the family?!”

His uncle’s voice halted for a second before it took on a commanding tone . “Since no one knows of the matter yet, hurry up and dissolve that marriage! I’ll use my connections to keep this matter hush and take it that no such thing happened! Got it?”

“Dissolve our marriage?” A cold laugh suddenly escaped his nephew’s lips . “Second uncle, when have I ever regretted my decisions? When I chose to marry her, I never had divorce in mind! Don’t mention this ever again! My mind is made up . ”

The man on the other end appeared nonchalant and relaxed as he sat on the sofa with his legs elegantly crossed and his phone in hand .

Sensing his firm attitude, his uncle nearly exploded with anger as he kept his silence . From the sound of his heavy breathing, though, he looked like a tiger eyeing its prey!

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He was clearly livid this time .

“Are you truly determined to keep your marriage with her?!”

His hostile questioning was met with his nephew’s affirmation .

“Yes, I am! I hope to get your blessings!”

“Dream on!” He fumed . “You want my blessings for your marriage? Sure! Not with that woman of a dubious background, though! You’re getting out of hand! First, you suddenly brought back a child and declared him as your successor; second, you registered your marriage with a suspicious woman . Are you bent on tarnishing the Mu’s reputation?!”

“Tarnishing reputation?”

His uncle retorted unkindly, “What about it? How isn’t this tarnishing our reputation?!”