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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:14 PM
Chapter 1731
Chapter 1731: Be a Concubine at Most

“Uncle, didn’t you urge me to get married as soon as possible?! Now, I’ve fulfilled your wish of marrying a wife and having children; I’ll be holding a grand wedding in the future, too! Youyou is an excellent and smart boy who will do great things in the future with a little more grooming! He’ll surely surpass me and be a much more outstanding heir than I was when he grows up . My wife, on the other hand, is warm, kind-hearted, and virtuous . I owe her too much and hope that she won’t receive such unjust treatment further!”

“Ha ha! Because of that, you want to sacrifice our family’s reputation and hold a grand wedding? In my opinion, you’re just hell-bent on embarrassing our family!”

Without giving his nephew a chance to speak, Mu Linfeng continued . “What kind of woman is Yun Shishi? She’s merely a tool for surrogacy back then! The contract clearly stated that she mustn’t fight for custody rights regarding the children after she gave birth to them, but what happened in the end?! Not only did she hide one of the twins by her side, she even dreamed of making use of the child to climb the social ladder! Is that possible? What would others think of the Mu family if news got out?! Our centuries-old family’s reputation ought not to be tarnished by that woman! If the public catches wind of the Mu’s young mistress being a surrogate mother once…”

The young man said nothing throughout .

Apparently, he did not agree with what his uncle had just said .

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The older man reined in his anger and patiently coaxed his nephew . “I’m naturally happy to see you get married! You’re no longer young, after all . If you want to get married, you should find a well-matched woman . We’ll surely accept one with a strong background and can help in your career! By then, once you build a strong foundation, no one can push you off your position; isn’t it killing two birds with one stone? Instead, you willfully insist on keeping your marriage with that commoner who gave birth to children in exchange for money! How awful would it sound if news of you marrying a single mother spread?!”

“Those are my sons, anyway . ”

Having expected better from his nephew, the elderly one was immensely disappointed . “The public doesn’t care about this! They all think that Little Yichen’s mother is Mu Wanrou! Even though the outside world knows that your engagement with her has been called off, they still don’t know who the boy’s real mother is! If news spread and others were to learn that we resorted to surrogacy, it would surely tarnish our family’s reputation!”

“I don’t care about that! My mind is made up! I won’t divorce her . It’s useless no matter what you say!”

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The young man’s attitude was very firm, leaving no room for negotiation .

His exasperation rendered the older man speechless for a while before he suddenly made a slight concession . “It’s fine if you insist on not divorcing her and letting her enter the family! I’ll give you some leeway, but there will be no grand wedding!”

“What do you mean?”

“She can only be quietly married into the family! Since you want to marry her, it’s not a problem if she becomes your concubine! Your marriage mustn’t be made known to the world, though! She may be your lawful wife in name, but she can only be a concubine at most! This is the biggest concession I can make!”

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Mu Yazhe’s forehead creased upon hearing that, though he was not surprised by his uncle’s suggestion!

It was very much the older man’s style .

In wealthy families, concubines meant mistresses!

In ancient times, mistresses could not be seen in public .

Even though their country practiced monogamy nowadays, the old feudal system of polygamy remained a common practice in the wealthy and influential families!