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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:17 PM
Chapter 1729
Chapter 1729: I heard that you and that woman have registered your marriage!

Once I’m done organizing the office, I’d better warn the others fast to be careful around the boss today!

He, thus, hastened to clean the table .

Not anyone could enter the president’s office with the exception of the appointed cleaning staff and assistant . Besides a few other important consortium directors, Min Yu was probably the only one who could freely enter the place .

All important documents were delivered by him, too .

After Mu Yazhe made his exit with a slam of the door, his niece, seemingly drained of her energy, gradually stumbled backward and fell onto the ground . She then began weeping in sorrow .

Once the assistant was done packing up the table, he turned around and found the young missy sitting on the floor, helplessly crying away with her hands covering her face .

He walked over and asked in concern, “Miss Song, do you need me to get someone to send you back?”

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At her lack of response, he kindly called out to her again . “Miss Song?”

Immersed in her gloom of despair, his voice disturbed and irritated her . She looked up at him and screeched, “Leave me alone!”

His brows knitted in anger at her rudeness .

However, with his capacity, he could not bicker with the woman .

He smiled gracefully at her and calmly said, “If you are feeling sad, you can find a corner to cry your heart out, but at the very least, try to clean yourself up first! You look rather awful right now, and besides, your presence here is a bother to me!”


“Boss has a very serious case of OCD . You’re all dirty right now; please don’t spread it here in the office, lest he come back and throw another fit!” he expressionlessly explained .

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Hearing the sarcasm in his words, the infuriated missy raised her face and glared at him .

He merely gave her a faint smile in return, not at all cowed by her threatening look as he asked indifferently, “Could you please leave?”

“Fine, fine! You’re all chasing me away, huh? I’ll leave!”

As she spoke, she got to her feet and turned to leave .

From behind, Min Yu cried out, “Please wait!”

She looked past her shoulder . “What now?!”

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“Don’t forget your handbag!”

He then handed the woman her Gucci handbag .

The exasperated missy snatched it from his hand and slammed the door on her way out .

Once she got home, she locked herself in her room and did not step out of the place . Even when her brother returned home and knocked at her door, she refused to see him .

Unaware of the earlier happening, he could only sense that his sister’s foul mood somewhat had to do with his uncle .

He was tired of dealing with this matter, though!

The only flaw of this sister was that she was especially stubborn . Once she insisted on something, she would insist on it all the way and would not change her mind about it even at the expense of herself!

It was also that night that she decided to risk everything of hers . Since she could not get the man she loved, she would not hesitate to resort to despicable means!

Of course, these were stories for another day!

Mu Yazhe’s marriage soon reached Mu Linfeng’s ears .

Having wide intricate connections in the political world and the underworld, this news could not be kept under the wraps from him for too long!

He could not contain his anger at the knowledge of his nephew secretly registering his marriage with Yun Shishi .

What did their registration of marriage mean?

It meant that they were now officially and legally wedded!

The young man’s actions displeased him tremendously . Hence, the moment the former picked up his call, the latter immediately lambasted him .