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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:21 PM
Chapter 1727
Chapter 1727: Harboring Thoughts of Dying

“…Brother Mu, did you just tell me to get lost?”

The dumbfounded missy croaked her question with eyes wide open . Clearly, she was feeling incredulous that he had actually said such cruel words to her for the sake of one woman!

‘Shut up’ and ‘get lost’?!

Did he just tell her to get lost?!

Why should she do that?!

She was only giving him a kind reminder . After all, in such a materialistic, show business, the artists were all somewhat shrewd in their ways!

What did he do, instead?

On top of not listening to her advice, he actually told her to scram!

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Feeling wronged and heartbroken, beads of tears involuntarily trickled down her face despite her biting hard on her lower lip flap .

The man, however, loathed her pitiful act . He might still feel some concern for her in the past, but now, he only found her display disgusting .

“Get out of here . I don’t wanna see you!”

“Brother Mu!”

The young missy felt aggrieved and exasperated . Uneasiness was written all over her face as she stared at him with a tear-streaked face . “Only women know their fellow women! The so-called innocence and beauty you see in her is nothing but a façade! She’s an actress with excellent acting skills—everything she presents in front of you is merely an act! No woman is so naïve; it’s all a pretense . That conniving woman is obviously making use of her surrogacy, hiding a son of yours by her side, to ascend in status one day through that child—”


His patience for her eventually ran out . Grabbing hold of the teacup beside his hand, he splashed the content of it at her face .

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The tea, brewed by his assistant before his meeting, had turned lukewarm .

Her refined face of makeup got soaked with tea leaves clinging on her face, eyelashes, and even her lips . She could not look any more disheveled than this .

She fell into a state of shock . The moment she got splashed with tea, her mind practically almost blanked out and stopped functioning, and when she regained her senses, devastating feelings of grievances and anguish consumed her!

Her lips convulsed a little as her chest undulated in misery and tears pouring uncontrollably down her face .

To be hurt and ruthlessly humiliated by one’s most beloved person, just how did that feel?!

She even harbored thoughts of dying right then!

She got slapped hard by reality! The man, who held a godly existence in her heart and whom she had always been in awe, actually humiliated her in this way!

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Still, rather than feeling aggrieved about it, fear and anxiety settled within her first .

Does he hate me now?


I can’t get hated!

The woman tearfully looked at him with her mouth agape, hesitant to speak .

Because of her unrequited love, she was probably doomed to put down all her pride before him .

Even so, the saddest thing of all was that her beloved man did not even spare her a second look!

She did not mind that her feelings were unrequited, though .

She was willing to stay by his side even without status, but given the current situation, she would rather have Mu Wanrou be his fiancée!

At least, then, they would only be married in name!

There would be no woman in his heart, nor would he treat her like this for the sake of Mu Wanrou!