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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:19 PM
Chapter 1728
Chapter 1728: Boss is not in a good mood .

Putting it bluntly, no one else could get what she could not get .

Song Enya bit her lower lip hard as the tea flowed down her face, washing most of her makeup away .

In order to hide her pathetic sight from him, the despair and aggrieved woman lowered her ashen face and croaked, “Brother Mu… it seems that I’m bothering you here; I… I’ll take my leave for now and visit you… another time . ”

With that, she got to her feet, pushed the chair away, and turned to make her retreat to the doorway .

The man’s frosty voice, however, rang out from behind . “My wife doesn’t like you, so don’t come looking for me again!”

Her heart trembled at what she had heard . Pivoting sharply on her feet, she peered at him for a beat with a forced smile on her pale lips as unabated tears streamed down her face!

“Brother Mu, don’t be mad at me! Alright, alright… I’ll listen to you, okay? I’ll listen to you! I won’t come looking for you until you simmer down, alright? Please don’t push me away!”

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His abhorrence for her would practically end her world .

Her helpless child-like sobbing did not soften the man’s heart this time, though .

At this moment, as he gazed at that innocent- and harmless-looking bare face peeking through the smeared makeup, he no longer felt any concern for this niece as he recalled all the things she had done behind his back to hurt his woman!

This might be because everyone else appeared negligible to him now that he had someone important in his heart!

The man felt no concern for what this niece, whom he had spoiled rotten in the past, would think from now on due to his flare up!

He was unperturbed by it!

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He would not come into contact again with anyone whom his woman disliked .

Hence, he paid no attention to her, simply lowered his head coldly, and called over his assistant to his office to clean up this mess .

When Min Yu pushed open the door to his boss’ office, he was taken aback by the sight of the young missy’s pale ghost-like face .

He patted his chest in shock, though his face did not betray any of his inner feelings .

Honestly speaking, Song Enya appeared truly pathetic in this state .

Her face with exquisite makeup, after being washed away by the cup of tea, now had tea leaves stuck all over . It was a truly miserable sight .

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What was worse was that…

Her beautiful features turned out to be entirely sculpted by makeup .

Having half her face smeared, the mayor’s daughter no longer appeared ethereal but rather plain- and ordinary-looking .

It seemed that her reputation as this capital’s beautiful socialite had merely been achieved via a makeover and was merely average-looking most of the time!

“Clean up the table!”

After giving that order, Mu Yazhe stood up and walked toward the door with a document in hand .

His docile assistant stood at the side and made way for him .

When he reached the doorway, the woman’s lips quivered slightly as she tried to grab hold of his sleeve . Alas, the merciless and expressionless man astutely dodged her hand as if he had eyes on his back .

Her outstretched hand grasped nothing but thin air as she watched him slam the door shut behind him . The loud banging seemed to be a silent indication of his displeasure .

Even the assistant widened his eyes in shock at that loud noise .

Boss seems to be in a bad mood . I oughta be extra careful around him today!