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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:22 PM
Chapter 1726
Chapter 1726: Shut up and get lost!

She stared at him dumbly . All of a sudden, the man in front seemed like a total stranger to her .

He was not harsh to her like this in the past, nor would he give her such a serious reprimand!

Feeling hurt, she knitted her brows as her red lips shriveled in grave misgivings . Tears overflowed in her eyes and poured buckets down her cheeks .

She forlornly accused him . “Brother Mu… you’ve changed!”

He looked on with cold eyes as she broke down . “You… wouldn’t treat me this harshly in the past, and you wouldn’t be this aloof, too! You’ve obviously doted on me until recently, but because of Yun Shishi, you deliberately distanced yourself from me and are being harsh to me now! How could you do this to me?!”

With tears brimming in her eyes, she lifted her head and looked up at him abruptly . “It’s all her fault! That woman showed up to snatch your love from me! You wouldn’t treat me this way if it weren’t for her! You’ve doted on me all along!”

What about now, though?!

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That vixen has cast a spell on him, so he now ignores me wholly!

It’s so unfair!

The man frowned slightly .

My wife snatched my love which belonged to this woman first?!

He sniggered at her words .

Who does this woman think she is?

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Yun Shishi was his lawful wife . It was his responsibility to love her, dote on her, and care for her unreservedly . This was his duty as a man .

Besides, he enjoyed doting on her . She was his wife—the apple of his eye .

As for this woman standing before him now?

She meant nothing to him .

What did she mean when she said that my wife had snatched my love which belonged to her first, then?!

Ridiculous .

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How did she come up with such a laughable idea?

“Song Enya, it’s time to stop your wistful thinking!” He paused momentarily before continuing . “One more thing: Don’t come looking for me here in the future . My wife won’t be happy if she finds out . ”

His loving indulgence for his wife was clearly seen in his words and expression .

When he addressed her as his ‘wife’, his eyes shone with loving tenderness that his niece had never seen before; this made the missy even more jealous!


What an intimate way to address that b*tch!

This won’t do…

Even though she was torn apart with jealousy, she had to force herself to smile before the man .

“Brother Mu… some women aren’t what you think they are . They may appear innocent and harmless on the surface, but they are actually very scheming! Do you really believe that she loves you with her heart?”

She paused and continued without noticing the man’s increasingly sinking expression . “You are the head of your family and the CEO of Disheng . With your exceptional status, do you really believe that she’s with you purely out of love? I’ve long been suspicious of her motive! Now that you’ve announced her son as your successor, you’re letting events unfold according to her wishes! Her seven years’ worth of scheming is all for this moment! Can’t you tell that this is part of her grand ambition?! Brother Mu, wake up; don’t let that woman fool you!”

“Shut up!” His voice sank . “Get lost now!”