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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:24 PM
Chapter 1725
Chapter 1725: I do not need your concern .

The assistant saw tension rising inside the office and quietly made his exit . He knew that it was best for him not to be around when the situation was apparent to be turning awkward for the missy .

Closing the door softly behind him, only his boss and the uninvited female relative remained inside the spacious office .

Without an outsider around, Song Enya could finally put down her pride to beg for his forgiveness!

“Brother Mu… sorry; don’t get the wrong idea, please… I wasn’t investigating you on purpose!” she clarified, desperately trying to soothe his fury .

His expression only turned worse . The cold and aloof glint in his eyes seemed to make him a stranger now!

The man’s thin lips parted to spout frosty words . “Not investigating on purpose is still an investigation!”

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“I-I…” she stuttered, biting her lower lip in frustration .

He retorted coldly, “Let me tell you: You have no right to interfere in my marriage and whomever I married! Spend your energy elsewhere!”

“How could you say that?!” She was made angry and aggrieved by his reprimand . Her eyes rimmed red and wet as she stared at him . “I’m just concerned about you!”

He told her off brashly . “I have no need for that kind of concern!”

“…” She stood speechless on the spot .

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His one look was like a dagger slicing through her heart without mercy .

He moved his thin lips again, his voice cold like winter which froze her blood in seconds .

“Is it because I’ve spoiled you all those times that you’re so willful now?”

“I… I am simply feeling alarmed because I care about you! Brother Mu, what kind of evil intention will I have toward you? Why didn’t you inform me before you got married? I could at least give you my blessings!”

“Would you have given me your blessings if I had?” He did not believe her for a minute .

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That’s only an excuse!

He knew very well what feelings she held for him!

Ever since that last incident, he had distanced himself from her deliberately by ignoring her calls and text messages .

She had also previously come looking for him here a few times, but it was all to no avail, for he had ordered his assistant to send her away .

He did it for a few reasons .

First, even though he treated her like his sister, he would not easily forgive anyone who harmed his wife or held ill-will toward her—not even when the person was close to him!

Second, Yun Shishi disliked her . Although this was not made known to him openly and his wife said that she did not mind him keeping his familial relationship with his niece, he still wanted to keep his distance from his niece for his wife’s sake .

Moreover, he was deeply disappointed with his niece since that last incident . He had a lot of vexation against her, but taking into account the Song family’s face and pride, he did not take any actions . Still, it did not mean that he would forget her wrongdoings!

The missy cautiously sized him up . “Brother Mu, are you truly intending to stay married with that woman?”

He furrowed his brows in great displeasure and spat frostily, “Song Enya, haven’t I told you before about being respectful toward Shishi, or I won’t be kind—not even to you?!”