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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:34 PM
Chapter 1720
Chapter 1720: Youyou’s Cooking Genes (4)

“I can’t help but feel that I’m dreaming . ” Yun Shishi let out a sigh .

Mu Yazhe turned around and held her rosy, little face and asked with a tinge of playfulness . “Why do you say so?”

“Did you know how mesmerizing you look when you are cooking?” She buried her face into his chest before raising her gaze and looking at him with her blinking eyes . A beautiful smile hung on her delicate features .

It naturally felt good to hear such a compliment!


The corners of his lips curved up .

Recalling something, the woman pulled him into the bedroom . On the bed lay a suit she had personally picked out for him at the department store . She lifted the bag in front of him and instructed, “I bought this for you . Try it on! I want to see how it looks on you . ”

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She paused for a moment before saying proudly, “I was just given my pay; half of it went to this suit!”

He was well-versed enough to know that the pay she was referring to came from remuneration from her few shows and commercial ambassadorships!

He laughed at that .

This foolish wife of his . The customized suits from Armani were often at steep prices, but his suits were mostly customized for he had specific requirements for them when compared to the suits seen on the rack .

The suits at department stores often failed to catch his eye, but since this had been personally picked by her, things were different!

As long as it was something she chose, he would definitely love it!

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The suit was a full set and came with a shirt, pants, and tie . He changed into it, and unexpectedly, she indeed had a good and precise eye for it . The suit was a good fit, neither too big nor too small .

He bent his head and tidied his sleeves elegantly . His wife instantly went up front and helped him carefully . From the tie and the sleeve to the diamond brooch on his chest, she was extremely careful and serious .

“All done!”

She took a few steps back and inspected her husband from head to toe . The more she looked at him, the more she liked it . She could not help complimenting herself, “I have a rather good eye for this! You look great dressed in this suit!”

The man raised a brow and walked to the mirror to check himself out . There was a satisfied smile on his face .

Speaking about it now, this suit was probably the first piece of clothing she had ever bought for him . It was extremely fitting on him and he wore it with much class .

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She was very meticulous in choosing clothes . She paid close attention to the material, the brand, and certain details about the garment .

Even the picky man was also pleased with this suit, but in all honesty, he was the ideal clothes rack . No matter what kind of suit he put on, each of them would look extremely suitable on him .

People relied on dressing, but it was the opposite for him!

No matter what kind of clothes were placed on him, he would be able to make them look elegant and expensive .

The more she looked at it, the more she loved it . His wife asked with a smile, “How is it? How is my taste?”

“Not bad!” he commended sincerely .

“On the day that we get engaged, could you wear this?” She tried asking, her heart thumping nervously .

She did not know if he would agree to it .

While she did spend two hundred million yuan on this suit, in all honesty, the clothes he wore were mostly expensive and classier . This price was not considered as superior to the rest . She also was unsure if his pickiness would cause him to look down on what she had bought!

Looking through his wardrobe, the lowest grade of suits he had was still worth hundreds of thousands of yuan .

Some suits had been brand new . When they were sent over, she flipped over the marked prices to have a look, only to shudder in fear .