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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:32 PM
Chapter 1721
Chapter 1721: Youyou’s Cooking Genes (5)

She wished deep down inside that he would wear this suit, which she had personally selected for an important event, such as their engagement ceremony, but at the same time… she was afraid that he would think it was not up to par .

Thus, she truly did not expect Mu Yazhe to agree readily .


He was so quick at agreeing to her request that she was left in disbelief .

“You agreed to it so quickly!”

Yun Shishi was momentarily overwhelmed by the favor he had for her that the shock of it was still apparent on her face .

“What’s wrong?”

Her husband adjusted his tie with a smile in front of the mirror .

“Isn’t it more meaningful to wear a suit picked out by my wife to our engagement ceremony?”

“Do you like it?” She tried to test his sincerity . After all, she hoped that his agreement came from his genuine fondness for her taste .

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“I like it . ”


“Yes! I like it a lot!”

Her eyes shimmered . She circled him and looked at him closely, cheerful like a little bird .

He nodded his head and said that he liked it . To her, it was the greatest affirmation from him!

“As long as you like it! What’s more important is that it fits your intentions!”

“I’m very pleased with it . ”

Without further ado, she held his shoulders and looked at either side of him . No matter how she looked at it, she was very satisfied .

“So handsome! My hubby is really an ideal coat hanger . You look good in whatever clothes you wear!”

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She was so jealous of his golden body ratio .

Suddenly, the two of them smelled something burning from the kitchen . Her heart skipped a beat . “Oh, no! This isn’t good!”

His expression changed as well .

Burning with anxiety, the woman dashed into the kitchen . Opening the oven, she took out the cheesy baked rice with a pair of mittens . The burned odor assailed their nostrils . She furrowed her brows as she looked at how the cheesy baked rice had been burned to crisp . Their baking session clearly failed!

She was a little vexed .

The man walked into the kitchen, too, and frowned at the smell .

“Is it burned?”

His wife held her forehead in frustration and nodded in response .

He glanced at it . With it spending too long baking, the rice now was reduced to a paste .

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The pair exchanged glances .

A profound question popped in her head: Exactly whom did our son get his cooking genes from?!

A simple bowl of cheesy baked rice was burned by them!

It seemed that neither one of these two adults had the gift of culinary . It must have been so extreme that their son naturally developed in the opposite direction through genetic mutation!

“What do we do now?” asked the man first .

Her head was filled with question marks as well .

Why was she the one being blamed?

It was obvious that he had not been careful enough and forgotten about the time!

“If not for you being impatient in wanting me to try the suit, this wouldn’t happen . ”

She realized her ‘mistake’ when he put it that way!

She instantly became submissive, just like a kid who had done something wrong . She stood rooted to the spot helplessly, clearly feeling very guilty .

“I-I didn’t mean to…”

Her thoughts had been completely occupied by the suit, as she admired it contentedly, that she had forgotten about the food baking in the kitchen oven!

The man could not help but blame her . “Little meanie, it’s all because of you; how will you repay me for destroying my supper?”

His wife felt guiltier now . She could not help feeling bad for him as she thought of how he had been in such a long meeting before heading home, and now his dinner was ruined .

She did not know how she could make up for it, her face looking desolate and lost as she wound her hands together .