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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:35 PM
Chapter 1719
Chapter 1719: Youyou’s Cooking Genes (3)

They had culinary classes when he was studying overseas . During their classes, they were taught how to make western-style dishes .

He had only learned how to make baked cheese rice . Of course, as the noble son of the Mu family with a life of luxury, he rarely ever needed to cook for himself . The only one time he did was when he was in a good mood and wanted to show Little Yichen what he could do . However, he had a mishap and caused the oven to explode .

The reason was…

He had accidentally placed his phone in the oven . The consequences were as one could imagine .

Therefore, his son had a distinct impression of the incident . He was originally filled with anticipation as he waited to taste the delicious delicacies whipped up by his daddy with his culinary skills .

In the end, all he heard was a small explosion!

The kitchen had exploded!

The boy thought for a moment that their villa had been attacked by terrorists like those news reports he had seen . He was in utter shock .

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He then realized that it was his father who had caused the kitchen explosion .

Since then, he became very wary of his father’s culinary skills .

Regarding this, the man felt extremely unjust .

It was a complete accident due to a small oversight on his part, but from then on, he had never stepped into the kitchen as he was treated like a terrorist and was barred from entering .

He was in a rather good mood today, so he decided to try making baked cheese rice again .

Their house had all the ingredients readily available . Even though his skills had turned rusty, he was extremely rigorous when it came to cutting the ingredients . Every step followed strictly to the process he recalled, and he was careful and patient .

Yun Shishi watched him quietly from the side, raising her head once in a while to look at his serious and charming face, which made her heart tremble at the sight .

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No wonder it was a common saying that men who could cook were the most elegant .

Right now, the man was dressed smartly in a button-up shirt, holding ingredients in one hand and a knife in the other . With his head lowered, he carefully cut the onion into rings in a cross-section manner . His long and thick eyelashes hovered over his eyes, leaving a shadow on his face .

His thin lips were pursed as if he were extremely afraid of making a mistake .

The woman suddenly thought of something . Picking up the apron beside her, she put it around her husband from behind .

Mu Yazhe’s expression darkened as he lowered his head to have a look .

She had placed an extremely cute apron on him . An adorable cartoon of a cute bunny with long ears was printed on it . It looked strange on him no matter how he looked at it!

It was not compatible with his good-looking appearance .

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The woman sized him up, covering her mouth as she secretly laughed .

“You are doing this on purpose . ” He furrowed his eyebrows, clearly a little unhappy with her teasing!

However, in the wake of the loving smile on her face, this unhappiness of his dissipated in the blink of an eye!

“It’s fun! You look really cute dressed like that!”

He did not know whether to laugh or cry at that .

From young up to now, no one had ever used the term ‘cute’ to describe him!

“Stop fooling around,” he said, displeased .

His wife pouted and responded with an ‘okay’ . Sure enough, she sat by the side quietly and did not say much . Eventually, though, she could not control her snigger as she secretly examined her husband in his getup .

The man was left with no choice, leaving her to it, but he did not remove the apron from his body .

As he placed the rice into the oven and set the right preferences, all they had to do now was wait .

His wife suddenly hugged him from behind .

He was taken aback by her sudden embrace . Turning around slightly, he placed his hands on the back of her palms and asked with furrowed brows, “What’s wrong?”