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Chapter 1713: 1713
Chapter 1713: Song Enya’s Request

She gave a haughty smile and gave a casual reply . “What’s wrong with me using my husband’s bank card?”

“Besides, isn’t it a matter of course that a husband earns money for his wife? What right do you have to be jealous of me?”

“Jealous?! Why should I be jealous of you?!”

The actress sighed and shook her head . “Why are you still in denial? Your eyes have already turned red . ”

“What a joke! Yun Shishi, let me tell you: Brother Mu will never marry you—”

She cut her off at once . “Song Enya, we’ve already registered our marriage . ”

The other woman was struck dumb on the spot .


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“Liar! You… You’re lying!”

She broke into a chuckle, her lips curling elegantly . “There’s no need to lie about such a thing! He he! You have your means to find out the truth, don’t you? You should be able to check if I’m telling the truth, right?”

She then picked up her shopping bag and left without a second look!

The other woman was in such a bad state of shock that she forgot to give chase .

The artist seemed to be telling the truth when she told her about the marriage .

For a moment, the mayor’s daughter actually felt guilty and… in denial!

It’s impossible!

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Why would Brother Mu marry such a woman?!

Is he for real?!

The moment she thought that Yun Shishi might be right and that Brother Mu and the woman might indeed be married, tears flooded her face!

Just like what the actress had said, she had a way of verifying the truth .

When Song Yunxi received her urgent call, he rushed home . She was seen curled up in a corner of the sofa with red and puffy eyes .

When she saw her brother, she plunged headlong into his arms in great distress and agitation . Tears could not stop flowing down her cheeks .

The man looked at her helplessly as he tried to figure out who could have possibly brought his precious sister great agony .

He quickly asked for the culprit who had bullied his sister .

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The missy told him the full story between her sobs .

Her brother was vexed and regretful after hearing her story, though . “Enya, I have to tell you off . Don’t you think you’re asking for humiliation in the first place?! I’ve already told you that it’s impossible between you and Uncle Mu, so please give up this time for good!”

“Brother, no! Don’t be so heartless…” she pleaded in despondency . “Please . Can you help me?!”

“What is it?”

“That b*tch claimed that she had already registered her marriage with Brother Mu . Can you help me verify if it is real? Please; I’m begging you!”


He shook his head in firm rejection . “It’ll make things difficult for me if uncle finds out!”

“That won’t happen! You’re formidable; Brother Mu won’t know!” She continued to plead . “Please, brother; please help me this one time! I swear that if he’s really married to that woman, then… I’ll give up on him totally!”

Her brother was immediately swayed by her persuasion .

Looking at her doubtfully, he reconfirmed her words . “Are you sure about that?”

“Eh! I’m serious!” She promised him eagerly .

He agreed finally . From the bottom of his heart, he wanted his silly sister to stop her obsession with their uncle .