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Chapter 1714

If investigating this matter could make this lass give up on their uncle, then, perhaps, it was worth a risk!

 Hence, Song Yunxi made a call to a friend whom he was friendly with and put forth his request .

 The latter, however, panicked upon hearing that he wanted to run an investigation on Mu Yazhe .

 After all, regardless of the field one was working in, the average person was bound to be in awe of that person upon hearing it .

 It was only when he explained that he just wanted to find out the man’s marital status and nothing else that his friend agreed .

 Not long after, he received a photo on his phone .

 It was a photo taken using a phone’s camera, and it showed a system interface of his uncle’s marital status . According to the information, the man was married to Yun Shishi .

 Seeing that, he heaved a sigh of relief and handed his phone over to his sister .

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 When Song Enya took a gander at what was displayed on the phone, she entered a trance for several seconds before she suddenly slumped and fell back onto the sofa in an emotional and dispirited manner .

 The older sibling pronounced, “Surely, you can give up on him now! Our uncle is a married…”

 His voice trailed off when he caught sight of his sister tightly pursing her lips as tears poured out her eyes!

 “No, I don’t believe it… woo woo woo… Impossible! How was that possible?! Brother Mu… how could he be married?! You’re lying . It’s a lie! Woo woo woo…”

 She slumped back in defeat, wailing helplessly as if the world had collapsed upon her and doomsday was impending .

 That photo completely tore down all her psychological walls!

 She stung as if she had received a few tight slaps across her face!

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 That b*tch was not lying at all .

 They were indeed married!

 Still, she could not fathom how it was possible for the man to be sincere to that woman .

 He was such a cold and unfeeling person; on what rights should that woman receive his love and not her?!

 All of a sudden, her love rival’s words echoed in her head . ‘Besides, isn’t it a matter of course that a husband earns money for his wife? What right do you have to be jealous of me?’


 What right did she have?!

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 What right did she have to be jealous of that woman?!

 That woman had already become his lawful wife, after all!

 Unable to bear his sister sobbing sorrowfully, the older brother walked over and gave her a comforting hug . “Enya, I know that you’re heartbroken about this, but this is a fact! You should learn to accept it!”

 “How am I supposed to accept it?!”

 Feeling aggrieved, she asked, “They got married; how am I supposed to accept that?! Woo woo woo…”

 “It’s time for you to give up on our uncle! This is what you promised me; you can’t go back on your words!” her brother said .

 As she bit her lower lip flap, her eyes turned vacant out of despair, but the tears just could not stop pouring .

 She silently clenched her fists as her inner voice echoed constantly in her head, No one else can get what I can’t get!

 Yun Shishi, you’re feeling very smug, aren’t you?

 You think you got the whole world because you got Brother Mu, right?

 Ha ha!

 Since I can’t get his love and him, then no one can have him, too!

 This applies to everyone else!

 Such indignant thoughts continued to linger in her head…