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Published at 30th of July 2020 10:30:14 PM
Chapter 1712

Song Enya felt incredulous when she heard that, thinking to herself, Has this Yun Shishi turned mad?

 “What? Man?! Your man?!”

 She repeated what she had heard and gave a haughty snort before shooting daggers at the actress .

 “What do you mean by him being your man?!”

 “Well, let me put it another way . ”

 Hooking her lips into a wide beam that almost touched her eyes, the actress told the other smilingly, “I used my money to buy a suit for my husband; do you understand it now, Miss Song?”

 Her words hit the young missy like a thunderbolt . Regaining her composure after a while and clenching her fists with abrupt aggression, she stomped to the artist and lambasted, “B*tch! Shameless! How can someone be as shameless as you! Have you ditched your pride, sl*t?!”

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 Fury robbed her of self-control . She lifted her hand high and swung it to her enemy’s face .

 The actress, with eyes turning cold and harsh, grabbed hold of the missy’s wrist and forcefully curtailed the slap coming at her .


 The latter let out a scream of pain, only to see the former furrowing her brows before slapping her in return .

 A SMACK was heard, loud and crisp…

 Song Enya looked in wide-eyed disbelief at her . Holding her burning cheek, she could feel that part of her face growing numb .

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 Yun Shishi did not hold back when she gave that slap; thus, the mayor’s daughter could feel her head swaying after that palm landed on her face . Fury and extreme humiliation filled her shortly after!

 How dare she hit me?!

 This b*tch actually dared to hit me!

 Grievance overcame her as her eyes rimmed red and turned wet . She glared at the actress venomously, just like a slithering snake wrapping its enemy’s throat, ready to show its poisonous fangs at any moment!

 “How dare you hit me!”

 “What makes you think that you can hit others but not the other way around? What audacity, Miss Song!”

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 The actress looked at her watch and realized that she was running late . She decided to stop her tussle with the missy and turned to leave, instead .

 Still holding her burning cheek, the mayor’s daughter insulted her with great agitation from behind her . “Yun Shishi, you must be dreaming! Did you just say that Brother Mu is your husband?! Wake up from your daydream!”

 The actress stopped in her tracks and looked past her shoulder . Looking cool, she threw the rich missy a side-eye and asked nonchalantly in return, “It’s you who hasn’t woken up from her daydream, isn’t it?”

 “Who do you think you are?! You are just a caged canary! How shameless you are to claim that Brother Mu is your husband! He won’t do that; he’ll never marry you in this lifetime!”

 Throwing aside her proud status, she pointed her finger at the actress and continued . “You’re just a kept mistress—the third party in a relationship! You’re daydreaming by making such a claim when you’re just using him to gain status and fortune! Look; you’re even holding his card! You’re utterly shameless to make a false claim sound real! Do you think I’ll believe you?!”

 The actress was not angry when she heard that .

 Her conscience was clear .

 She earned every penny inside the card she was holding . At ten million yuan or so, it was not a big sum, but it still was the product of her hard work . These were her remuneration from her filming and commercial contracts!

 However, as she studied her enemy who had turned green from jealousy, she had the sudden urge to rub the latter’s wound further .

 “What if this card doesn’t belong to me? What’s wrong with that?”