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Published at 29th of July 2020 11:55:08 PM
Chapter 1710: 1710
Chapter 1710: Shishi flares up . (1)

“Yun Shishi?!”

The actress froze the moment she heard her enemy utter her name . She knew she could not escape the other’s pair of sharp eyes .

Song Enya gave a sinister grin and walked up to her . Standing tall in front of the actress, her eyes bore down from above . “What a coincidence! Are you shopping here, too?”

Yun Shishi ignored her .

Undeterred by her cool attitude, the missy laughed cheekily as she sized her up . “What can I say? What tough luck to bump into my enemy here . He he! I didn’t expect to see you today! What a small world to bump into a b*tch at every turn . ”

The actress’ lips twitched momentarily .

This line should belong to the rich missy before her .

The world must be small to bump into an irritating person at every turn!

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Just as the atmosphere was turning cold, the salesperson took the bill and passed it to her . “Madam, the bill is ready! Are you paying by cash or credit?”

“I’ll use my credit card; thank you . ” she replied politely .

She stood up as she spoke . Treating the rich missy like thin air, she avoided her, walked to the counter, and took out a credit card from her wallet .

The sales staff brought the credit card machine to swipe the card when the rich missy jested, “Are you buying a suit? He he! I guess you are trying to win Brother Mu’s favor with a gift!”

The other woman just kept on ignoring her .

The missy did not seem to get the message as she went all out to antagonize her . “Why? Do you think you can win him over with a suit? Is this one of your unscrupulous means as well? What an old trick; how useless can you be?! I wouldn’t do that if I were you! Brother Mu doesn’t like this . ”

The actress did not reply and simply passed her credit card to the salesclerk .

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The staff was distracted by the din, though .

Somehow, she could sense the deep enmity between the two women .

Yun Shishi saw the stunned look on the store attendant’s face and kindly reminded, “Hi, please charge the card . ”

As she spoke, she waved her card before the shop assistant .

Song Enya got annoyed when she saw that her enemy was not taking the bait . She wanted to act up, but realizing that it would be inappropriate for someone of her standing, she suppressed her anger .

Drawing a deep, cool breath, she recomposed herself and started her odd clamor again . “This must be Brother Mu’s credit card! Someone is so shameless! She claimed that she isn’t his mistress, yet she’s taking his card and using his money! He he! It’s obvious that you’re a kept woman! Why are you so shameless?!”

Her voice was just at the right volume, which was enough for everyone present to hear .

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Everyone, from this shop’s personnel to the rest of the customers, was able to catch her slur on the actress .

The unreserved shaming from her enemy in front of the public incensed the artist finally .

The sales assistant decided to keep out of this scuffle . Maintaining a straight face, she handed the credit card back to the actress after swiping it .

The latter kept the card, picked up the suit, and turned to leave .

Seeing that her enemy was about to walk away, the missy dashed forward immediately . Just as she reached the actress, the latter stopped in her tracks, backed off slightly, and vehemently stepped on the former’s toes with her high heels .


The young missy screamed in agony . She grabbed hold of the actress’ wrist as her face squirmed in pain .

The actress merely shook off her hand, turned around, and looked her in the eyes fearlessly .

“Are you done?”