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Published at 29th of July 2020 11:55:15 PM
Chapter 1709

His heart went soft at her heartfelt words .

 “Sis, there’s something I’ll never change, though, and that’s I won’t let you suffer again; whoever dares to bully you will get it from me first!”

 Tickled by his serious look, her weeping face broke into a smile . She then said wryly, “I’ll be happy as long as you don’t create trouble for me like what you used to do in the past!”

 He defended himself sheepishly . “But I’m no longer a kid . ”

 “You always are in my heart,” she answered smilingly .

 She hugged his shoulders in return and patted his head just like what she used to do when they were children . Back then, she would pat this man in such a fashion whenever he hid himself in fear under her blankets when it was dark .

 “Xiao Jie, be good; sister loves you . ”

 He smiled in great contentment as he hugged her affectionately .

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 Since she parted with her brother, the woman had a nagging feeling .

 While she did not know if he would attend her engagement party or accept her decision, no one could make her change her mind about the man she wanted to be with—not even that brother of hers!

 She was indeed weak in the past and would unconsciously choose to escape or retreat when faced with any setbacks .

 This time around, though, she was ready to face any sort of setbacks with courage .

 No matter what happened, she would stand by her man in her ways .

 Since the engagement date had been fixed, she decided to buy a suit for him at the mall on her day off .

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 Even though she knew very well that he had someone to prepare his outfit for that day, she still wanted to pick something for him personally .

 This time, she was well-prepared . Donning her down jacket, dark shades, cotton cap, and mask as the weather turned cold, she was almost unrecognizable in her tight getup .

 She drove to the mall, came to an Armani counter, and started to look for a suitable suit with Mu Xi .

 She finally selected a few, but the salesclerk could not get her the size she wanted .

 It was worth mentioning that Mu Yazhe was well-suited for European cut due to his height .

 However, even though he was well-fitted, there were times that he could not find his size .

 Thank goodness that the suit she liked the most had one in his measurement .

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 “We’ll take these two suits! Can you pass me the invoice?”

 She picked two and passed both to the sales assistant .

 The shop attendant nodded and asked her to hold on a bit as she keyed in the charges .

 As she waited on the couch, an unexpected guest appeared at the counter .

 She caught a glimpse of a familiar figure out of her periphery . She realized with a start that she had bumped into her enemy .

 Song Enya, looking elegant and noble, mindlessly strolled into the store in her ten-centimeter stiletto .

 Her brother’s birthday was approaching, and she wanted to pick a suit for him as a gift .

 There could be such an unfortunate coincidence in the world .

 The rich missy saw the figure sitting quietly on the couch the moment she walked into the store; she could recognize the artist at first glance .

 Even though the actress had dressed and covered herself well, she could not mask her ethereal aura and presence .

 Besides, she had her signature long hair and good figure, which the down jacket could hardly hide .

 Yun Shishi caught the new arrival’s attention at once and the latter managed to identify her upon a closer look .