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Published at 30th of July 2020 10:30:18 PM
Chapter 1711

“Are you done?”

 Yun Shishi gazed at the lady before her frostily . Her proud look seemed to suggest that she was staring down at a lowly creature .

 “Please stop harassing me like a mad dog . You are causing me a lot of distress in this way!”

 Both them were wearing heels, but as she was much taller than Song Enya, she could bear down on her condescendingly .

 The latter looked up at the person who had finally lost her cool and stood fossilized on the spot momentarily before breaking into a contorted laughter as if she had just heard a funny joke . Pointing at herself, her face with exquisite makeup looked twisted as she exclaimed, “Mad dog?!”

 She was thoroughly antagonized by now as she screamed further, “Who are you calling a mad dog?!”

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 “You heard it loud and clear! You should know who I am talking about . Is your ear getting worse just like your brains?!”

 Compared to the young woman’s viciousness, the actress’ calm and collected manner highlighted the former’s uncouthness .

 Everyone started to crowd around the two bickering ladies curiously .

 The kind-hearted sales staff at the counter quickly approached to disperse the nosy customers politely .

 The shop attendant liked the actress a lot . Although they had not much contact since the customer entered the store, the former was still won over by the latter’s genuine display of elegance and politeness . Compared with the snobbish, rich missy, the artist was truly gentle and kind .

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 She was also very respectful toward a lowly store attendant like her, and this earned the woman her heartfelt admiration .

 It was just that the salesclerk seemed to have heard the artist being labeled as a ‘kept woman’ .

 Is that true?

 It appeared to be unlikely, though . The actress came across as a role model for everyone instead of an undeserving lady that the rich missy was accusing her of .

 “Yun Shishi, you…”

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 The missy was so incensed that her face turned red and contorted—looking hateful, in fact .

 Inhaling deeply twice, her lips suddenly curled up into a laugh . “Are you angry because I hit the bull’s-eye? Was it because I spilled the beans about you being a kept woman that you became angry?”

 Song Enya gave another spiteful laugh . “Will you believe it if I tell you that I can ruin your reputation with a statement? Let me warn you: Stay away from Brother Mu! If you continue overstepping the line, I’ll go all out to eliminate you!”


 Her words are audacious, indeed!


 Is she taking this for the feudal era where she can eliminate me based on aristocratic lineage?!

 There must be something wrong with her mind!

 The actress smiled elegantly and lined out her rebuttal clearly . “You take yourself as a superior and respectful princess because you are the mayor’s daughter . Perhaps, just like what you’ve just said, you can eliminate me with a statement, but may I remind you to be mindful of your identity? Since you are the mayor’s daughter, you should be mindful of your words at least; that’s basic courtesy . Don’t become a bad example for the public to emulate!”

 Pausing, she took out the credit card that the shop assistant had passed to her and waved it in front of Song Enya . With an elegant smile, she said, “One more thing; this card belongs to me . I earn every bit of money in it . I bought a suit for my man with my money; what’s wrong with that?”

 This seemed to be her first time acting ostentatious before the young missy .