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Chapter 1705: 1705
Chapter 1705: Reasons for Doing So

Gong Jie said, “Sis, do you know that there’s an irreconcilable family feud between the Gongs and the Mus?! If not for Mu Sheng, our mother wouldn’t have lost her life in that fire that day! That person is a cruel miscreant; he caused mom’s death and indirectly turned you into a vagabond, which resulted in us being separated for a whole fifteen years!”

Acting unlike his usual elegant and aristocratic self, he suddenly grabbed hold of her wrist and squeezed it horrifyingly hard in his hand .

It totally did not occur to the woman to evade or struggle free from his vice-like grip . She merely looked at him in alarm .

“Fifteen years! How many fifteen years are there in life?! We should’ve been together for all our lives and never separated! It’s all his fault! He’s the real culprit here! Don’t you hate him at all?”

The words ‘I hate him!’ were blurted out by her .

“You do?”

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“Of course, I hate him!” Her voice contained a little agitation in it . “Of course, I know that he’s the culprit for our mother’s death! He’s guilty as charged! No matter how I persuade myself, I can’t forgive him at all! I’ll never forgive him in this lifetime!”

After a pause, she suddenly let out a tired sigh as she held her forehead with a dim look on her face . “Still, this is the feud of the previous generation! Must I keep holding onto the past?”

“Aren’t you the one still holding onto the past?!”

Her brother’s words got slightly aggressive . “Isn’t refusing to admit your ancestry the same? Why don’t you want to return to the Gong family with me?”

Hints of determination appeared in her eyes . “I’m no part of that family!”

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“You are!”

Enraged by her double standards, he growled, “The family’s blood runs in your veins! You’re a missy of the Gong family, and that fact doesn’t change no matter how long you remain outside!”

“Xiao Jie…”

“Give me a reason, then . Tell me why you don’t want to return to our family . ”

Yun Shishi felt alarmed and infuriated by his behavior . She had never seen such a terrifying side to her brother before . His grip on her hand would not loosen and his words were filled with undisguised thorns . “Say it! Our father has always been hoping for us to find you one day . Now that I’ve found you, why won’t you reunite with him?”

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“You said so yourself! With that irreconcilable feud between the two families, that man will never let me be with Mu Yazhe if I reunite with him! I’m afraid that this will happen, so I’m reluctant to reunite with him . ”

She suddenly broke down into tears as she expressed that .

Despite the pursed lips and knitted brows, her twin was suddenly stumped for words .

“Also… what does the feud have to do with him? I love him . He’s never done anything wrong at all! With his love and protection, I no longer feel that I’m alone in this world! He always shows up in my most desperate moments to protect me . No matter how I create trouble, how willful I act, or how unreasonable I behave, he still unconditionally accepts me . ” The woman took a deep breath . “I love him, but I know that once I reunite with my biological father, he won’t sit back and do nothing about us!”

“He’s our father, though . You shouldn’t give up the chance to reunite with him for the sake of a man . ”

“I don’t feel the same as you do; I have no feelings for him . I haven’t gotten a glimpse of him since our birth, and even now, I still don’t know how he looks at all! How do you expect me to reunite with a man whom I know will put an end to my relationship?!”