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Published at 28th of July 2020 02:10:20 PM
Chapter 1704
Chapter 1704: Sorry; I cannot wish you happiness!

He wore a bizarre expression on his face as he lifted his head to look at her with mixed emotions flashing across his eyes, which appeared so quickly that she failed to have a clear look .

“Sis… are you getting married?”

A slight frown appeared between his brows, but the man looked a little dazed .

His peculiar expression inevitably left Yun Shishi somewhat shocked .

“Hm? What’s wrong, Xiao Jie?”

“It’s nothing . ” He pulled himself out of his complex thoughts and met her eyes . His gaze, however, darkened slightly . “Are you getting married?”

“Mm… yes . ”

“Why so sudden? I haven’t heard you mention it before . ”

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The corners of her lips lifted slightly as she gave him an awkward smile . “Previously… I didn’t know how to bring up the subject to you, and that’s why I didn’t tell you! The wedding date isn’t fixed yet; we’re only planning to hold an engagement ceremony first . ”

As she spoke, she placed her hand on the back of his and smiled warmly at him . “I wanted to talk to you about this . Will you attend my engagement ceremony? Will you wish me happiness?”

He suddenly felt somewhat distraught!

Still, he did not put his feelings out on display .

His eyelids drooped as fragmented memories flashed across his mind .

A nightmarish memory from his childhood days, along with those of the fire, resurfaced in his mind like a broken dam flooding it . For a moment, his head pounded with splitting pain!

He frowned slightly in dilemma and frustration .

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Out of the blue, he asked, “Do you truly wish to receive my blessings?”

“Of course!” she replied matter-of-factly . “You’re the most important family member to me in this world! Of course, your blessing means a lot to me!”

The man took a deep breath before blandly replying, “My answer to that is dependent on the person you choose, though . ”

She tensed up at that, keenly detecting the double meaning in his words .

His eyes narrowed as his voice turned slightly frosty . “Sis, who is the man?”


“Who is the man you’re marrying?”

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She laughed dryly in response . “Is that important? He—”

He interrupted her words at once . In a soft but heavy voice, he squeezed out, “That man is Mu Yazhe; am I right?”

She stiffened in surprise as she looked at him in disbelief .

“How… did you know?”

Gong Jie clenched his fists in anger . Despite him not giving a clear answer to her question, his stance was firm and clear . “Well, if it’s that man, then my answer is no!”

Yun Shishi’s eyes widened in shock .

His answer was so unexpected that, for a moment, she even wondered if she had misheard it .

“I’m sorry… that’s the only thing I can’t do for you!” Afraid that she did not hear it clearly, he repeated his words to her . “If you want to be with that man, then nope; I can’t give you my blessings!”

For a moment, she seemed to have lost her voice . She remained in a daze for a long while before she posed a question out of her curiosity . “Why?”

“Because I hate the Mus!”

Those five words were practically uttered through gritted teeth .

His eyes were instantly filled with undisguised hatred at the mention of that family .

Feeling somewhat at a loss, the woman bit her lower lip flap as she balled up her hands into fists with her shoulders shuddering slightly .