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Published at 28th of July 2020 02:30:18 PM
Chapter 1706: 1706

Dumbstruck, Gong Jie merely frowned and kept mum .

 Yun Shishi gradually fell back into her seat with her head bowed and shoulders shuddering slightly .

 She heard her brother saying to her, “Give up, sis! Leave him, alright?”

 “Sis, it’s impossible between the both of you!”

 He sat back down and gently placed his warm palms over her hands . “Come back home with me! I’ll let you know that you deserve better!”

 “What’s better?!”

 She shook her head in perplexity, however . “Xiao Jie, tell me then; what’s the best?”

 “…I can’t answer you . ”

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 “That’s because you’ve never loved someone before . ”

 He was rendered completely speechless .

 Indeed, for all these years, he had never once loved anyone .

 What was love?

 He did not know at all .

 He could not understand the need for marriage or the reason why two people stayed together for life .

 To him, women were nothing more than unfathomable existences .

 “He’s the best in my heart! No one can replace him . ”

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 He frowned . “Are you certain that he truly loves you?”

 “If he loves you, why did he only reveal your son’s status, while you, as his wife, were excluded?”

 A hint of sullenness flashed across the startled woman’s eyes . “You had me investigated, right?”

 His face stiffened .

 “How did you know so much?” She pressed on with her inquisition . “What are you working as? How are you aware of certain matters so clearly?! You told me that you run a company; what company is it?”

 The man pondered about those questions for a moment before eventually saying, “If you’re willing to return to the Gong family with me, I’ll confess everything!”

 “Confess?” The look in her eyes suddenly turned cold by a few notches . “So you’ve been lying to me all this while?”

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 Gong Jie: “I…”

 “You’re keeping the truth from me? I trust you so much, but why did you lie to me?”

 She felt a prick of pain in her heart as she asked in disbelief, “What else are you keeping from me?”

 She felt somewhat disappointed with him .

 She was originally hoping to receive her brother’s blessings during this meetup .

 However, what did she receive in the end?

 His deceit .

 “I… I didn’t! I just don’t wish to hurt you, and that’s why I keep quiet about certain matters!”

 “After hurting me, you’re now telling me that you don’t want to hurt me; don’t you find your words absurd at all?”

 She took in a sharp, deep breath before saying, “I trust you, so I’m willing to share everything with you, but now I’ve found out that you’re hiding a lot of things from me!”

 “Fine! Since you said that you trust me and are willing to share everything with me, then I ask you!”

 He suddenly got to his feet, gripped her by the shoulders, and fixed his stare on her, not allowing her to evade his eyes .

 “What happened that year when you were eighteen?!”

 A thunderbolt seemed to have struck her right then as she instantly turned petrified .

 Did he just ask her what happened to her when she was eighteen?

 How should she answer this question and explain it to him?

 His lips curled into an apologetic smile . “I’m sorry! I know that you might be very disappointed in me for running an investigation on you, but I did it out of concern! I know that you have two seven-year-old boys named Mu Yichen and Yun Tianyou, but that’s all I know about you! Out of respect for your privacy, I refrained from digging deeper into certain matters!”