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Published at 28th of July 2020 02:10:24 PM
Chapter 1703
Chapter 1703: Will I have your blessings if I am getting married?

She was quite surprised . “Present? What present?”

Her brother, however, merely propped his chin on his hand and winked at her . “Open it and see!”


She carefully took apart the gift packaging and opened the box to find an exquisite Omega watch inside . As compared to men’s mechanical watches, ladies’ watches appeared much mellower and simpler in design besides the luxurious diamonds embedded around the dial .

Omega watches were exorbitant, and the custom-made versions were even more so .

Hence, this gift was obviously too expensive for Yun Shishi!

“Isn’t this… very expensive?” Her forehead creased in displeasure, apparently reluctant for him to spend so much money on a gift for her .

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Gong Jie raised his brows and broke out in laughter . “Sis, do you still remember? This watch is a gift I promised to give you . ”

His mentioning of it jolted her memory at once . It turned out that there was a reason behind the gift .

When she was young, she was very fond of an Omega watch that her mother used to always wear, so the latter gave it to her and put it on her wrist .

She cherished that watch a lot, always treating it carefully like a piece of rare treasure, and could not bear to let it get spoiled .

However, one day, her brother secretly took the watch out from the drawer where she had hidden it in and ended up accidentally losing it . Out of his guilty conscience, he did not dare mention it to his sister .

It was not until she noticed it missing and wailed mournfully over the lost watch that the remorseful and helpless boy confessed his deed, hugged, and coaxed her by saying, “Shishi, don’t cry; once I grow up and have the money, I’ll definitely give you the best watch in the world!”

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Only then did she stop crying, saying in response, “This is what you promised me; don’t you go back on your words!”

Even though the incident was so long ago that it had slipped from her memory, he had never once forgotten it .

The purpose of his trip abroad this time was to escort a batch of goods out to sea, and on his return, he stopped by Europe where he bought this watch for her .

To him, the value of that watch did not lie in its price tag but, rather, in whether his sister liked it or not .

For the older sibling, however, she would like any gift that he gave her regardless of her preference, the item’s brand, and the price tag .

Satisfaction was written all over her face as she gazed fondly at the watch lying in the box in her hand .

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The man smiled in relief at that, knowing that she liked his gift a lot!

Hence, he gently said, “Here; let me put it for you . ”

Following which, he picked up the watch to adjust the time and then gently lifted her wrist to put it carefully on her .

His head dipped as he focused on adjusting the buckle for her . The woman chuckled and said, “I was merely joking back then . I didn’t expect you to remember it! I thought you’ve forgotten about it . ”

“How could I forget it? I’ll always remember what I promised you!”

His voice halted for a second before he smiled and looked up at her with his beautiful, crescent eyes, which were seemingly filled with stars . “I remember promising you that, if you get married someday, I’ll personally put your hands into that man’s hands . ”

Her face suddenly stiffened a little at his words . She could not help but raise her eyes and gaze deeply at him who had his head bowed right then .

“Xiao Jie, will I have your blessings if I am getting married?” she carefully asked .

The moment her voice dropped, the man’s face instantly stiffened; even his hand movements paused for a moment .