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Chapter 1700
Chapter 1700: The Privilege of the Lady Boss

“Differently?” Hearing this, Mu Yazhe could not help but laugh . “How was it different?”

“I can’t describe it… It’s like… their attitude toward me changed drastically overnight!”

Shortly after, Yun Shishi gave a rough description of the entire situation in the production team to him .

It seemed that, in the past, the people at work always followed after Lin Zhi and Hua Jin . After all, they were the main leads . They had the most parts in the show, so they took priority when filming . Be it the make-up artist, the costume designer, or the stylist, the order had always been the actor and then more senior artist . Thereafter, it would be the supporting roles’ turn .

As such, there was a long period of waiting before they could record her scenes . Sometimes, they would prepare the filming of two scenes—one of the lead actress and another of her . The former’s scenes would be shot first; as for her, she would have her makeup and styling done early but would have to wait for a long time before her scenes could be taken . Only after the lead actress was done with her scenes could it be hers .

There was also a break between the filming of both scenes .

This was for the director and some of the workers to catch a breather .

It would take up another hour .

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Sometimes, Lin Zhi may be really slow in filming her scenes, so she could not finish her parts on time . If she was unlucky, and the lead actress’ parts did not pass, ending up lasting throughout the day, her shoots would be pushed to the next day!

Therefore, during that half a month, her schedule might have been jam-packed, the time she was filming was, in fact, very little . Most of the time went into waiting for her turn and memorizing her lines .

Since there was nothing to do as she waited for her turn, she decided to memorize the entire script back and forth until she was completely familiar with it!

Such a way of filming was too dry and dull!

However, for some reason, she was instantly swarmed by the stylist, makeup artist, and costume designer the moment she reached the production team today . They were so attentive about all her needs and had her go first each time!

What left her even more flabbergasted was how the order had completely turned around afterward!

In the past, it was her waiting for the lead actress .

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Now, it was the latter waiting for her .

Lin Zhi was so livid that she questioned the workers what right the newbie had to film first, and those people responded that it was the director’s instructions and that they were just following orders .

In a fit of rage, the starlet went to confront Gu Xiaoyang but ended up returning crestfallen .

Later, no one complained about the newbie being given preferential treatment, and everyone even started treating her in an extremely friendly manner .

She did her makeup first .

She filmed her scenes first .

What made her this better for the rest was that, compared to that senior starlet, she had her lines memorized thoroughly in advance . Her emotions were on point and her acting was great . Her scenes were filmed smoothly with many one takes and very few repeats . Even if there were, she would clear them on the second take .

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The director was extremely pleased .

Yun Shishi was very efficient . She could clear all three scenes smoothly within a day . Overjoyed, he approved her request for a two-day leave .

Even when she was already on her way home, the woman was still in a state of disbelief!

Therefore, she asked, “Did you… greet the production team?”

“Yeah . ” Mu Yazhe did not try to hide it and readily nodded in admittance . “Doesn’t having special benefits feel great?”

Special benefits?!

These were special benefits!

The gazes that those supporting roles gave her were no longer the same .

Their gazes were filled with jealousy and scrutiny .

“What did you say to the director?”

“I didn’t have to say anything . ” He furrowed his eyebrows . “I haven’t even met with him . ”

“Then why did he…”

“Madam, you must be clear about your identity . You are the lady boss of Huanyu; that means you should have some privilege!”