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Published at 28th of July 2020 02:10:38 PM
Chapter 1699
Chapter 1699: Little rascal!

“According to the rules, you should change your surname to Mu . ” The man paused for a moment before he helplessly chuckled . “But I leave you with the right to choose whether to change it or not!”

“Daddy is so awesome!”

Youyou smiled satisfactorily as he hugged his father’s arm and gave him a peck . “Daddy, don’t worry; I’ll never let you down!”

He would become stronger .

Strong enough that no one would dare to belittle him!

Belittle his mommy!

He told himself that he should make the wait for that day shorter!

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On the other side of things, there was an uproar in the Mu residence .

Mu Shumin was beyond infuriated . She slammed her hand on the table and did not seem to care about her brother’s face anymore .

“Second brother, are you really going to acknowledge that kid?! He’s a b*st*rd, and the woman behind him is ambitious! I’m guessing that that woman is behind that child’s return to our family . She probably has intentions of extorting authority from us . Doesn’t the boy’s acceptance into our fold mean that that woman is a step closer to entering our family as well?! She’s really playing a great game of chess! I bet that it was her idea all along! Once her kid builds a strong foundation within the family, she’ll surely be on the road to success and eternal splendor! Brother, are you just gonna sit back and do nothing?!”

No matter how furious his sister was, Mu Linfeng maintained his silence in his seat, though his expression was cold and clearly unhappy .

“Why aren’t you saying anything?!

“Are you not taking my words to heart?!” The woman continued to rage .

The man slammed his hand on the table and yelled, “D’you think I wished for this to happen?! Can you shut up for a while?! I don’t have a grasp of things yet, so I can’t say much right now!”

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With that, he paced back and forth in the main hall . Mu Yancheng and his sister nervously watched him with rapt attention and bated breath .

Finally, the man stopped and stood still on a spot . He then said slowly, “Still, there’s one thing I must say; that kid may have it easy entering the family, but building a foundation here won’t be easy for him!”

His sister finally felt relieved upon hearing his words . She smiled, easing the tension in the air .

When the boy got home, his mother was still at work .

His older brother pitter-pattered toward him . He looked at him with eyes full of hope . “Lil’ bro, how was it?”

“How was what?”

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The older boy was somewhat stunned . He glanced at their father before looking at his twin again . “Wasn’t daddy supposed to bring you to the Mu household today for the official announcement of your identity?”

“It’s just a normal process; there’s nothing much to talk about!”

The man was so amused by how his younger son was acting like a little adult .

His kid was truly a classic example of a rascal!

“Alright! Off to bed, both of you!”

He coaxed the two little guys back to their room and, under his older son’s pestering, read two bedtime stories . The pair fell asleep contentedly after that .

When the woman returned home, he was in the study room . She knocked on the door before walking in .

Without raising his head, he asked, “Done with filming?”

“Yep . I’m done…”

She had not thought about it until he mentioned it . She walked toward him suddenly and asked strangely, “Today, the people at work were all treating me rather differently . It made me tingly inside!”