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Published at 28th of July 2020 02:10:31 PM
Chapter 1701
Chapter 1701: Bumps into an Intimate Act

He told her suddenly; his words seemed to be layered with meaning .

She blushed . “Actually… there’s no need to arrange for preferential treatment! It’ll… just invite gossip!”

“You don’t have to care about how they feel . ” He smiled . “I did it because I want you to spend more time with me . You don’t have to worry too much . ”

Her heart went soft at his words . Suddenly, she reached out and hugged him . “Sorry… I also realized how little time I had for you since I accepted that role . ”

“It’s good to have this awareness!”

She was wry at his reply . Hugging his shoulders, she added petulantly, “I discovered something else!”


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“I realized that it feels good to enjoy some special benefits! Those who used to sideline me or look down on me are all trying to get into my good books now! You should’ve seen their faces; it’s so funny! Thank you, hubby!”

With that said, she dropped a generous kiss on his cheek .

He obviously enjoyed her kiss but acted cool and aloof, nonetheless, as he threw a question in return . “Is that sufficient as a ‘thank you’?”

“Then, what else do you want?” she cooed .

Looking stern, he knitted his brows and eyed her meaningfully . His slender finger then tapped lightly on his lips .

She was full of smiles as she playfully punched his shoulder before slowly inching her soft and moist lips toward the corner of his .

Right at this time, sounds of approaching footsteps in slippers could be heard from outside the door .

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Before the two could move apart, Youyou barged in . Rubbing his eyes, he asked, “Daddy, when did mommy return…”

The rest of the words were caught in the boy’s throat when he saw the intimate scene before him .

His mother was lying in his father’s arms and was about to kiss the latter, while the man stood there with his jaws slightly open in surprise .

The little boy immediately raised his hands to cover his eyes .

“Ahh! Daddy, mommy, I didn’t see anything; I didn’t see mommy lying in daddy’s arms and kissing his lips! I didn’t see any of this!”

With that, he swiftly turned around and pitter-pattered back to his room .

The woman pulled away from the man’s mouth abruptly and rubbed her lips sheepishly . The warmth from his thin lips still lingered on hers .

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Before she could react, pattering footsteps could be heard again outside the door . The boy reappeared, looking awkward . His hands were behind his back as he hung his head low .

“I forgot to greet goodnight to daddy and mommy! Goodnight, daddy; goodnight, mommy! Err… Both of you, continue please!”

He reached out to close the door behind him and pitter-pattered back to his bedroom .

Yun Shishi: “…”

Mu Yazhe: “…”

There was nothing more embarrassing for parents than getting caught by their children while they were being intimate with each other .

When she recalled the shock written on their son’s face and the suggestive gaze he gave them, her cheeks could not stop from blushing crimson in utter embarrassment!

She wished she could dig a hole in the ground to bury her face .

The man pulled her into his embrace again and teased, “Why aren’t you continuing?”

“We didn’t set a good example for the kid when he caught us making out, did we?”

She was worried .