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Published at 28th of July 2020 02:10:42 PM
Chapter 1698
Chapter 1698: I will take my mommy’s last name .

“Thank you, great-grandfather!” the boy called out sweetly .

Since the elderly man received the tea from him, the rest could not protest any further!

The boy approached Mu Linfeng to serve him tea, and as he looked up, both of them caught a dangerous glint in the other’s eyes for a brief second .

The child knew very well that this adult would never accept him as family .

Likewise, he would never acknowledge this guy as his great-granduncle!

Still, he knew he had to follow through the formality as a rule of the game!

“Great-granduncle, please have tea!”

The boy smiled undauntedly and passed the man a cup .

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Mu Shumin watched her brother’s reaction nervously . Suppressing his anger, her brother reached out for the cup with twitching his lips .

Is he really going to accept the tea?!

“Second brother!”

She anxiously called to him in a whisper, only to receive the latter’s warning look . Knowing that this was not the time to resist, she bowed her head and maintained her silence from then .

“Yun Tianyou… is that your name?”

The boy nodded with a smile on his face .

“What a good name!”

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The man gave an ambiguous reply, took a sip from the cup, and put it away . From then until the end of this ceremony, he maintained his sullen look .

With the two most seniors accepting the tea from the boy, the rest naturally had to follow suit!

As the child brought the tea before his great-grandaunt, the latter’s face gave a twitch that she vehemently tried to soothe . Patting her chest to calm herself down, she received the cup reluctantly, pretended to take a sip, and put it away in a hurry .

The rest progressed without a hitch .

Hot on his father’s heels, he paraded through the family members as if he were a cub surveying his territory .

After the customary ceremony, the boy stood in the middle of the hall and bowed three times to the elders as a mark of respect . Afterward, he straightened his back and stood tall and proud like a wise leader . His behavior was simply astounding!

His pearly orbs, shining like bright agate stones, shone with a hint of a smile .

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Mu Linfeng was overwhelmed!

This child will have an exceptional future!

He had a foreboding of impending doom!

On the way home, the child, who was riding the car shotgun with his father, suddenly burst out laughing .

His father was affected by his laughter and broke into a wry grin as well .

“Daddy, did you see Second Mu’s expression? His face turned green the moment he saw me; it’s obvious he considers me an outsider!”

Tilting his head, the boy commented further . “It’s fun!”

“You are now officially known as my son! No one will dare to bully you in the future!” the man declared .

“Since I’m part of the Mu family, do I have to change my last name?” The boy popped this question suddenly .

Cocking his brow, his father asked in return, “Why? Do you not want to change your surname?”

“Mu Tianyou… hmm…” the boy said with a smile . “The name doesn’t sound nice! Can I keep my original last name?”

He continued gently . “I’ve been using ‘Yun’ from the moment I was born seven years ago! I wanna keep mommy’s last name and don’t wish to change it . ”

‘Yun Tianyou’ still sounds better .

More importantly, this was a name given by his mother .

Regardless of how it sounded, he wanted to be known as that for the rest of his life .