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Chapter 1697
Chapter 1697: Mu Group’s Future Successor

Mu Linfeng paused in his speech, knowing well that he had no right to question his nephew’s decision .

A power-centered family like theirs was akin to the royal family, in which the ruler held absolute power, in ancient times . There was no such thing as right or wrong; the rest merely followed orders .

Hierarchy and power were two separate matters . Even though he was his nephew’s senior, he had no right to question his decision as the latter was the head of this household!

Still, the young man could not force him to accept such a decision willingly .

He was adamant to reject his grandnephew . Hence, even though he kept mum subsequently, his frosty look persisted .

The young boy noted his unwillingness and gave a snobbish snort inwardly .

He could not be bothered with this granduncle—and everyone else present for that matter .

Mu Shumin gnashed her teeth in fury; her face was especially frigid-looking as hatred burned inside her .

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After a long silence, she finally opened her mouth . “Yazhe, putting aside the identity of this child, don’t you think it’s a little hasty to list your successor now, just as what your second uncle said earlier? It’s not up to you to determine the future successor! After all, we must see for ourselves first if this child is capable and exceptional enough to take on such responsibility!”

The young boy glanced at her after she finished speaking; his orbs darkened at that instant .

“Daddy, how should I address this lady?”

His father answered, “She’s your grandaunt according to seniority . ”

Smiling slightly, he refuted politely, “Grandaunt, how are you? I like to ask, what is the standard of evaluation for the successor?”

The woman was dumb struck and could not give a reply .

Still smiling, the boy returned to his father’s lap, looking solemn .

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“It appears I’m not welcome in this household, but just to let everyone know, I’m not here today to get your approval and, more importantly, not covetous of the title as the Mu family’s successor! Whether you approve of my existence or not, it doesn’t matter to me!”

Sweeping his eyes across the room, he could tell that all of them took him as a threat!

Indeed, the benefits and interests were intricately connected inside this family .

Everyone here was out to protect his or her interest; they warily watched out for invaders and outsiders .


A threat?!

That would also depend if he was keen on becoming the next successor!

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He was pleased to hear his father appoint him as his heir, for it meant that the latter had confidence in him, but this did not mean that he would accept the post!

There was a sense of maturity and authority exuding from the child’s presence as he sat there with his father . A terrifying aura, which inspired awe and fear, could be felt from the little boy!

One could not help but ignore his actual age as fear and respect rose inside them for him!

Once Mu Linfeng regained his composure, he felt ashamed of himself for being in awe of the boy even if it was just a moment!

A child’s presence had actually intimidated him .

This is unacceptable!

“Son, come and pay your respect to your elders!”

Following the man’s order, a servant entered with a few cups of tea on a tray .

Putting disdain aside, formality still needed to be followed .

The boy was led by his father to serve his elders tea according to their seniority and ranking .

Mu Sheng took this chance, when his great-grandson was passing a cup of tea to him, to place his trembling palm on the back of the boy’s hand . With a gentle smile, he said, “Welcome home!”

He loved this kid, who stood tall before him, and believed that the latter would not be inferior to his father when he grew up!

He was also unworried about the family ostracizing this boy, for he was sure that the child would have his empire one day!