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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:49 PM
Chapter 1695
Chapter 1695: Knows no fear…

These figures, who grew up in the center of influence and had been through countless foul winds and bloody rains, were ruthless in their tactics . They may not recognize someone at first glance, but they could tell that something was up the second time they looked at him!

This little guy was clearly not Mu Yichen .


Could this be the kid that was left behind by the Mu family?!

They heard that his name was Yun Tianyou!

Mu Shumin was unaware of the particulars about this boy . After Mu Yancheng explained it to her from the side, she was hit by a harsh realization, her vigilance now arising involuntarily .

This kid, in her eyes, was an outsider .

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She would never accept him!

Even though he was Mu Yazhe’s flesh and blood, and logically speaking, this should be a happy occasion for them that this kid was lost but now returned, yet looking at everyone present now, it seemed that not one thought so!


It was because this child was left outside the family, so he was not close to any of them .

Besides, the woman behind him was a public enemy of their family .

For a family like theirs, they were against a powerless woman with questionable origins .

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If Yun Shishi had a better background and came from a strong family, she would perhaps receive their approval .

She did not have a background worth noting about, alas . Therefore, in their eyes, she was a mere stranger, and this kid would never get their recognition even if they were told to do so .

Youyou allowed his father to hug him as his beautiful eyes swept across the main hall . He caught sight of their guarded, suspicious gazes and the scrutinization full malice . He had mentally prepared himself already!

Judging from their gazes, they did not appear to be friendly!

They were akin to ancient, strong tribal members who had spotted an enemy invading their community . These people were just like tigers watching their prey as they glared at him with eyes full of hostility .

It seemed that he was not welcome here .

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That did not bother him, though . He came today because he promised his daddy .

HIs father told him that he was bringing him here to make his identity public .

The little lad’s first reaction was: “What about mommy? Will you announce her status, too?”

“Now isn’t the time!” responded his father bluntly .

He knew what his father was considering . Their chemistry was often strong at times like this, where the father and son could understand each other’s thoughts tacitly with just a gaze and just a few curt words .

He only agreed to come because he hoped to have a proper identity . At least, when he was out, he could tell people fearlessly that Mu Yazhe was his father . He did not want it to continue being a taboo, and he did not want to keep bearing the shameful identity of an illegitimate child!

In his heart, he knew that his arrival would not be taken positively by the Mus!

One look, and he knew that he was right .

“Daddy, let me down,” he said meekly .

The man glanced at him before putting him down .

Mu Linfeng looked at the boy, only to see him face them without a hint of fear . The latter placed his hands daintily behind him as a confident and arrogant smile graced his refined face .

The poised and polite boy was wearing an expensive and stylish suit, which made him look like a mature gentleman .

A small smile played on his lips as he raised his chin without a tinge of shyness . He was at such a young age, yet he could already give off a powerful kingly aura akin to that of his father . It was as if a terrifying presence was hidden in his small, petite body .