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Published at 28th of July 2020 02:10:49 PM
Chapter 1696
Chapter 1696: Neither Servile Nor Overbearing

His pure and beautiful eyes sized them up unhurriedly before giving a small smile . “Good evening, uncles and aunties!”

He took the lead to speak and gained the upper hand in the show of strength . His voice may not be that clear, but he sounded calm and not secretive . No one could tell that he was just seven years old from his composed appearance .

A kid his age would be hiding timidly behind the father when faced with so many imposing and unfriendly seniors .

As for him?

Not only did he remain where they could see him, he also took the initiative to greet them . His enunciation was clear, neither servile nor overbearing, and his presence was extraordinary .

Perhaps it was not entirely apt to describe a child using the term ‘presence’, but this kid’s wisdom and maturity truly left Mu Linfeng feeling stunned!

Mu Shumin, for her part, only let out a cold snort, tilting her head away as she ignored his greeting .

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Mu Yancheng was unwilling to acknowledge the boy’s presence, either . His eyes, which were filled with judgment, silently sized up this kid who had just made such a sudden appearance .

The lad scoped the scene but none made a sound .

The rules involved here were extremely strict .

The rest were afraid to speak before Mu Linfeng and Mu Shumin .

The seniority and status were apparent here . Mu Linfeng had the authority to command concord from others below his station . Even though he was not this family’s chosen head, everyone still held him high regard .

The middle-aged man looked at the child before shifting his gaze onto his nephew . “Yazhe, what is the meaning of this?”

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Mu Sheng sat at the side, not making a sound . He continued to remain silent from beginning until now .

The corners of Mu Yazhe’s lips curved up, but his smile was only on the surface . He picked his son up and walked forward to sit on the main seat, which was right next to his second uncle .

He showed through his actions how close he was to the boy and how much the latter meant to him .

“I’ve gathered everyone here today because I have an announcement to make!”

The man paused for a moment as he observed them before continuing, enunciating each syllable of his words . “This child, Yun Tianyou, will bear the status of being my son from here on, be it in or out of the family . I don’t want to hear or see a word of slander or a gaze of belittlement directed to him! In addition, as the head of this family, I’m officially announcing that he’ll be the next successor of the Mu empire . ”

Speaking slowly had never been his style . He was used to being swift and direct, saying things as they were, yet today, he was speaking especially slow, as if every word that left his thin lips came with the intention of ensuring every individual in the room could hear him clearly .

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Hearing his words, every person present was completely astonished!

Especially his uncle and aunt, the two’s faces had instantly turned livid .

They thought that their nephew was only going to announce Youyou’s identity, yet he had actually named the boy as his inheritor . This caught everyone by surprise!

Mu Shumin could feel the threat from the intruder and a sense of crisis involuntarily took hold of her heart!

What exactly was her nephew thinking?!

How dared he appoint this illegitimate son of his as his heir? Was that not too negligent?!

“What do you mean by this? Successor? Isn’t it too soon to be deciding on one this early?!” questioned Mu Linfeng .

“What? What doubts do you have about my decision, second uncle?”

The young chap challenged with a cold and serious expression .