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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:51 PM
Chapter 1694
Chapter 1694: A treacherous meeting!

A smile graced her lips as her eyes formed mesmerizing crescents, which seemed to be filled with countless, little stars .

Caressing her in his embrace, he covered their bodies with the blankets and switched off the night lights .

He gently topped the woman and let himself indulge, physically and emotionally, in the ensuing pleasure!

One must admit that his actions were extremely swift and decisive .

The man had just promised his woman that he would reveal Youyou’s identity to his family and, on the following day, he picked up his son from school and drove him directly to the Mu residence!

Along the way, his son changed from his clothes to a snow-white shirt, black suspender pants, and an elegant suit jacket, looking like a little gentleman from an aristocratic family .

He sat calmly in the car as he learned of his father’s decision to expose his identity to the Mus and agreed to it sans hesitation!

He cared not about any other things; just being able to stand proudly beside his father filled him with contentment .

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However, as the car gradually entered the gates of the Mu residence, his heartbeat started turning erratic .

The boy sitting on his father’s lap could not help feeling slightly tense .

Would the Mus… really acknowledge him?!

Most likely not!

Everyone knew who he was!

The moment his father declared his status, it would surely result in chaos within the family!

Those wily, old foxes in that family were conniving and had too many intricate dealings, as well as conflicts of interests . They were not so concerned about who he was but rather on the woman behind him!

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Storms would inevitably brew up in that meeting, and it would not be an exaggeration to describe it as treacherous!

The car came to a stop at the doorway of the house, and as Mu Yazhe carried the boy down, that was when he noticed his son’s vacant look and cold, clammy hands .

“What’s wrong? Are you nervous?”

He could not help teasing the boy .


The latter burst into chortle at that question, his eyes darkening .

“You’re joking, daddy . ”

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How was it possible for him to feel nervous?!

“Ha ha! My son is no coward!”

The man then laughingly carried him into the Mu residence’s main hall .

Everyone, including the elders of the family’s collateral branches, was present there .

Mu Sheng, too .

The elderly man was recuperating in the manor these days, but when he learned that his grandson had an important announcement to make to all the core figures of the family, he wanted to witness himself just what exactly it was .

All the important members of the family came over early to discuss this sudden gathering held by Mu Yazhe . They all waited anxiously for his arrival, totally not having any idea on what this meeting was about .

However, when the man finally walked into the main hall, and they saw the boy in his arms, everyone was bewildered .


Mu Shumin was the first to break the silence, but from her careful examination of the boy, she felt something strange… with him!

Mu Linfeng suddenly bellowed in his deep voice while frowning, “That’s not him!”


Feeling shocked, she cast a probing look on the boy again and carefully examined him with suspicious yet piercing eyes!

Everyone present there was no stranger to Little Yichen as each of them had met him before . They were, nonetheless, shocked to see the man entering the hall with that petite child in his arms .