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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:53 PM
Chapter 1693
Chapter 1693: Revealing Youyou’s Identity to the Mu Family

“Well… then, what’s the other matter?” She probed .

Mu Yazhe looked down at her and replied solemnly, “I’ve decided to reveal Youyou’s identity to my family . ”

As soon as he dropped this astounding news, the woman gaped at him with hints of happiness in her eyes .

“You’ve decided?”


He nodded in acknowledgment . “It’s been seven years too late . Since we’re already married, I don’t wish to drag it further . ”

“But…” A worried look appeared on Yun Shishi’s face . “I’m glad that you decided to do that . That way, at least, the boy can openly stand beside you and call you ‘daddy’ without any qualms . Besides, he won’t have to be labeled as an illegitimate son anymore . It’s just that… will your family accept him?”

“They will have to accept it no matter what!”

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His tone was firm; there would be no room for negotiation in this matter .

“Not only will he be my heir, he will also be a candidate for the future head of the Mu family . No one is allowed to question my judgment . ”

His overbearing demeanor was evident at this moment .

A myriad of emotions, from surprise to joy, then to feeling touched, burst from within her right then . This moment seemed to be a long-awaited one for her .

The boy could now proudly stand beside his father as his son . She was truly happy for him!


Youyou can finally call him ‘daddy’ without any misgivings!

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He no longer has to bear with his peers calling him ‘an illegitimate b*st*rd’!

“Still… did you just say that he will be your heir? What about Little Yichen, then?!”

“He’s not a potential heir . ”


The man merely smiled in response without explaining himself!

Their intelligent yet talented younger son was an entrepreneurial genius despite his tender age . The fact that he could revive and turn a dying toy enterprise into a business empire in just two years was something worth marveling!

Their older son, on the other hand, was severely lacking in that aspect!

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It was an irrefutable fact that his business acumen was far behind that of his twin .

Keeping that in mind during his consideration, he, thus, decided to make his younger son the heir to his business empire .

Something suddenly occurred to him right then . A frown formed on his glabella and he hesitantly spoke . “The only thing is… I won’t be mentioning your new status to the Mus for now . I’ll keep quiet about our marriage from them, so you’ll have to make do with it first!”

“That’s fine . ”

She gathered her thoughts first before giving the man a gentle smile . “I’m willing to wait for you!”

He promised to give her a sensational wedding of the century . She believed that he would fulfill his promise to her; thus, she was willing to wait for the arrival of that day .

Rather than anticipating the so-called glamorous and sensational wedding of the century, she was looking forward to the moment she would become his lawful bride when she placed her hand in his in front of others .

She was willing to wait!

Besides, she was currently in the middle of filming . Their wedding could always be held once her career stabilized .

Moreover, he had already proposed to her; their wedding ceremony would only be a matter of time .

She could afford to wait for it .

Since she had decided to spend her life with him, having unconditional trust in him was a given .

“Good girl . ”

He placed a kiss between her brows; the love in his eyes could not be disguised at all .

He whispered into her ear, “I won’t let you wait too long for that day!”