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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:23:55 PM
Chapter 1692
Chapter 1692: Give Her a Wedding of the Century

“My wife, have you given any thought to our wedding?” he gently asked, taking the lead in broaching this topic .

She looked up at him in surprise .

She reckoned that their registration of marriage earlier today was merely a spur-of-the-moment decision . Because he had turned his focus on his work afterward and only returned home late at night, she thought that he probably had no considerations for a wedding!

Hence, she was inevitably surprised when he mentioned it .

“You’ve thought about it?”

He nodded . After mulling over his words for a while, the man replied, “I’ve thought about it, but I want it to be based on your opinion!”

“My… opinion?”

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He surmised that women must want to have a say when it came to their wedding . They held many romantic fantasies about it, after all . Thus, he reckoned that she had lots of ideas about it, too .

Furthermore, he had no romantic cells in him, so he might as well base it on her opinion!

The woman asked, “My dad has been urging me to fix an engagement date, but I’m not really in a hurry for a wedding . Let’s not rush into wedding preparations; shall we?”

“Yeah . ”

He nodded in agreement . “I share your thoughts . It’s better if we hold the wedding at a later date . ”

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He paused a little before proceeding to explain his decision, lest the woman misunderstand him . “Don’t let your thoughts run wild, though . I’m not rushing the wedding because I have my considerations! Registering our marriage might be a simple matter, but holding a wedding is not! There’re many things to pay attention to when it comes to it! As promised, our wedding must be grand because, on that day, I’ll be announcing to the whole world that you are my bride!”

His words stunned and moved her a little .

He lowered his head to give her a light peck on the corner of her lips before adding, “Shishi, I promised to give you a wedding of the century; do you remember that?”

“Yes, I remember everything you’ve said once . ”

The man smiled a little .

“Although the wedding isn’t urgent, there are two matters that I’ll deal with as soon as possible!”

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Feeling baffled, she asked, “What are those matters?”

“One is our engagement!”

He went on saying, “I already have some rough ideas about it, and I plan to hold the ceremony on an island . After all, I don’t wish to have the media and other people around; only our families and friends will be present . After our engagement, I’ll hold a press conference and announce news of our wedding, though I won’t disclose your identity to the public as of yet! Since you’re a public figure now, the early announcement of our wedding will only bring you unnecessary disturbances and trouble . Can you understand my decision?”

The woman dazedly nodded her head . Even though she could not fully fathom the reason for his decision, she easily accepted it .

Truth be told, he could not wait to let the whole world know of their engagement .

Unfortunately, it could not be done so!

The first reason was that their engagement ceremony would be held soon . This was what she was looking forward to, after all, as that was how he could give her and her family a proper account!

The second reason was that since their engagement would be held soon, it would surely cause a sensation among the Mus and only invite unnecessary trouble!

He would not make her identity public unless he was done dealing with those troublesome people in his family!

He would quickly settle the Mus’ affairs and then give her a sensational wedding of the century!